Thickness Planer Reviews: DEWALT DW735X Two Speed 13-Inch

Surface planer is one of that equipment, which you’ll need in a workshop if you’re trying to mill and square up raw lumber. Still, it also has a different feature that’s all about reducing board thickness so you can utilize it as a thickness planer and also as a surface planer. It is relatively easy to work if you use it as a thickness planer. The fundamental way this is, designed is that there are a set of blades in the center of the housing, and there are a couple of rollers.

You push the board in, and it gets caught by the roller, it goes under the blades, then comes out on the other roller, and the blades skim off material as it passes through.

There are many thickness planers available in the market. All of them serve different functions and vary in accordance with the size, power, and a lot more. However, if you want a reliable and efficient option, you can try the Dewalt DW735X thickness planer.

Thickness Planer Reviews: DEWALT DW735X

  • Purchase includes one stationary 13" Planer, in/out feed tables with fasteners (attached to the base of the Planer base), extra blades and dust hose adapter. Stand is not included.
  • Three knife cutter head of the thickness planer delivers 30% longer knife life and makes knife change faster and easier
  • Two-speed gear box of the wood planer allows users to change feed speed to optimizing cuts per inch at 96 or 179 CPI
  • Fan-assisted chip ejection vacuums chip off of the cutter head and exhausts them out of the machine
  • 19-3/4-inch cast aluminum base is 2 times more rigid than a standard 10-inch base and folding tables
  • Automatic carriage lock reduces the movement that causes snipe without the need for manual engagement by the user
  • Material removal gauge and extra large thickness scale deliver accurate cuts with every pass
  • Extra large turret depth-stop allows users to return to most frequently used thicknesses with ease
  • Includes infeed and outfeed tables and an extra set of knives


The Dewalt DW735X offers quite a lot. Here are some of its primary benefits:

  • It offers two-speed levels. You can use them for shredding as well as fine-polishing
  • It features a three, knife cutter-head that empowers as much as 30% larger knife life
  • The machine supports the remote-control operation, and you get a dedicated remote within the box
  • Perfect for handling larger cuts and wider materials
  • Cost-efficient and value-for-money product


At first sight, it does become challenging to find out any real issues with the machine. However, there are a few areas that can be improved over time.

  • The machine is very loud. You need to wear the necessary safety equipment so that you don’t suffer any harm
  • Dewalt DW735X weighs around 105 pounds. It poses difficulties in portability and re-setting of the machine
  • The wooden logs may get snipes over their surface if they are not, handled properly while the skimming process is under execution

Product Description

The DEWALT Heavy-Duty 2-Speed Thickness Planer with knives and tables is fitted, with a powerful 15 Amp, 20,000 RPM motor that easily handles more significant cuts in wider material. It offers a cutter-head speed of 10,000 RPM.  The 3-knife cutter head offers long-lasting knife life and makes knife changes quicker and more comfortable with less downtime, whereas the 2-speed gearbox allows you to adjust feed speeds to improve cutting efficiency.

The way it works is there’s a crank on the side that lifts and lowers this whole frame, which affects where the height of the blade is. If you are dealing with a wall, you need to set this up first. You need to learn how thick a board you’ve got. You can measure it here and set the height on this scale or calculate it by feel.

Features of Dewalt DW735X Thickness Planer

Features of Dewalt DW735X Thickness Planer

DEWALT has been a business known for decades for adhering to the highest construction quality standards possible. There is a consistency across all their products, involving a lot more than DEWALT wood planers. Dewalt DW735X is no exception. From top to bottom, you have something built to last for years to come, keeping proper maintenance of wood planers in mind. This wood planer is made rough, and it is made, for something to be tough enough.

It packs a three, knife cutter-head that delivers a massive 30% longer knife life and empowers the knife change faster and easier. Apart from that, Dewalt DW735X also has a fan-assisted chip release vacuum that chips off of the cutter-head and throws them out of the equipment. Through its two-speed gearbox, the machine allows owners to change speed for optimizing cuts per inch at 96 or 179 CPI.

Their three-year limited warranty guarantees that the components and other features of this product are protected, against potential defects. While theoretically everything can break down, DEWALT has a stellar reputation for products that endure and retain their original form. If you do have some questions or issues, however, you’ll find that DEWALT can provide you with in-depth solutions. They have a prompt customer advisory team that provides solutions that work.


On the capability side of things, you’ll certainly be impressed with how much DEWALT has packed into this particular wood planer. The DW735X comes with a 20,000 RPM engine, coupled with a 10,000 RPM cutter-head. It can skim off to a 16th or even an 8th of an inch, which is very violent on one run.

Typically, what you do is go through a board several times to skim off the little bits of the material before you get down to the thickness you like. The 2-speed gearbox lets you decide how quickly the power travels. You shouldn’t have any problems with the products that you intend to use to work. Regular cuttings happen over the blink of any eye, and the only thing you should take care of is wearing safety equipment.


For this machine, one of the things you need to be mindful of is that it only operates if you already have one flat face. The flatter the surface, the more efficient outcome you get. It points to the bottom of the face down on the bed and takes whatever it reads down there and applies it to the top.

So, if you have a bow or twist in your board when it goes through the planer, the roller will force it down, and it will only accentuate the shape of whatever board you have. It just doesn’t render a smooth piece of twisted wood out of one. You need to face one flat before you bring your wood over the knife.

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The addition of the Dewalt DW735X thickness planer can change the orientation of your workshop forever. Apart from all its staggering features, you also get the trust of Dewalt, a company that is a veteran in this domain. They also offer one year of free service, and three years of warranty on their product.

Price of the DW735X ranges between $650.00 to $700.00. You get the best price and add-on deals from Amazon.com. If you want to own one of these efficient thickness planers, you can give Amazon.com a visit, and you’ll get what you want, at a reasonable price.

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