Pentair 340039 SuperFlo High Performance Single Speed Pool Pump

A pool pump is an essential need for the hot summer. You may have a swimming pool but it is also important to ensure clean and fresh water. You take a bath and stay in the water so you need to have a smooth speed pool pump. Pentair 340039 Superflo single speed pool pump is a high-performance single speed pool pump that can be used specifically used for a different type of in-ground pool. So, we have covered a lot of information about this single pool pump. If you want to buy this type of pool pump, surely you can get more details from this article.

Pentair 340039 SuperFlo Single Speed Pool Pump Review

  • The Pentair SuperFlo single-speed, 1-1/2-horsepower pump moves more water more efficiently for lower operating cost
  • Quiet operation due to superior internal flow design that reduces hydraulic noise.If pump strainer gasket is clogged then Clean pump strainer pot.
  • Features thick walled body parts, a heavy-duty 56 square flange motor, and highly engineered hydraulics
  • Oversized strainer basket extends time between cleanings; see-through lid makes inspection fast and easy
  • This pump has self-priming for quick, easy start-up; 1-year warranty
  • Heavy-duty motor
  • Oversized strainer basket
  • Efficient for quick operation
  • Not energy efficient due to a single-speed setting

1. Pump Performance

The pump comes with higher performance to make sure the supply of water is in smooth condition. It is also important to note that you have to know the performance of the motor from the very first. This pump is featured with 1 ½ horsepower that ensures moving water more efficiently with the lower operating cost. It is also important to know that this pump has a longer lifespan even if you are investing a lower amount.

This pump is for the inground pools which indicates some features such as thick-walled body parts, heavy-duty 56 square flange motor, and highly engineered hydraulics. Aside from this, this pump is featured with integral volute and pot that reduces hydraulic noise.

The pump comes with a single-speed feature which is set to high. It is constant but there is no option to change the setting. Even if you are not going to change any setting, but you can use it to feed your needs perfectly and efficiently.

2. Durable and Efficient

Pentair 340039 superflo high-performance single speed pump is more durable and efficient in moving water. This pump is featured with self-priming for a quick and easy start-up which is why this pump is considered is more efficient. It is also important to note that this pump works to move more water with the minimum operating cost. Aside from this, it has quiet operation for its superior internal flow design that ensures no awkward noise indeed.

3. Maintenance3

A pump is a machine which is electrically run. Due to no maintenance, this pump may cause any danger. Aside from this, the pump should be maintained for increasing lifespan. So for longer use of the pump and getting higher efficiency of the pump, it is important to make sure proper cleanup pump strainer and skimmer baskets regularly.

The pump basket must be cleaned from leaves and debris all the time and you may view basket by seeing Lid make sure there are any leaves and debris. So, you may clean this debris after turning off at the circuit breaker.

4. Energy Consumption

Surely this super pump is effective for the in-ground pool where this can work so efficiently. But the important issue to consider is that its energy consumption. Luckily this can work best with superpower with 115V/230V and 50/60 Hz with high performance. It indicates that this pump is featured with energy savings with reliability.

5. Affordable

This pump comes with affordable price but it does not mean that this is less efficient. But buying this pump means you have to invest a lower amount but you can get maximum out indeed. There are a lot of platforms to buy this pump at an affordable price indeed. So you may check the price on Amazon and the manufacturer’s website also.

6. Warranty

Not all pump or filter pump doesn’t come with a warranty feature. The warranty of the product means you are free from tension. In case you have one year or six months warranty. Luckily 1-year warranty is a good deal to feel that this pump is a superpower and effective in this tough work.

There is a condition to get this warranty service. the warranty day will be limited by 60 days in case the pump is installed by the non-professional. On the other hand, 1 year in full warranty will be available in case the pump is installed by the professional technician. So, it is important to make sure you are going to install it with someone professional in this work.

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How to Setup Pentair 340039 SuperFlo Pool Pump

Pentair 340039 SuperFlo Pool Pump

In case you don’t understand the installation procedure, it is better not to go and hire any technician. But there is some general information on how to install it. We are going to discuss how this pump is set up.

Firstly, you should not install the pump within an outer enclosure or beneath the skirt of a hot tub or span it is not marked accordingly.

You should choose the pump location as close to the pool or spa as possible. There will be no friction loss but it will improve the higher efficiency. Additionally, you should use short, direct suction piping returns.

After that, you need to install a pump a minimum of 3 feet 1.52 meters from the inside wall from the swimming pool or spa. The installation requirement may vary according to the pool location as well. Then you should install the pump at least 3 feet from the heater outlet.

Another issue that is so important to note that you need to install this pump in the well-ventilated location which is free from dust, excessive moisture, rain gutter, downspouts, and sprinklers.

This pump should be installed with a rear clearance of at least 3 inches to make sure it can be removed easily for maintenance and repair.

These are the pre-condition to set up this pump for the inground pool. Surely you should follow these to make sure you can use the pump for a longer time.

Final Verdict

Pentair 340039 is a wonderful pump for your inground pool where you can use to get optimum performance from this pump. It is important to note that there are some things to consider which are motor power, energy consumption, and pump performance. More importantly, the pump should be long-lasting enough to support you for a longer time. So, you can get these features when you are going to use this pump for your inground pool.

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