Shop Vac 5986000 5 Gallon 4.5 Peak HP Wet Dry

In modern life, a shop vac is really indispensable part. It is a machine that can be used to beat wet spills, fine dust, particles and blowing dry leaves. Stanley shop vac comes with the best feature. In case you want to buy this shop vac, surely you want to know a lot of information. In this article, we are going to let you know the details of this shop vac. It is also important to note that different shop vac comes with different capacity and functionality. We have discussed the best wet dry shop vac and you may read this article to get your deal.

  • ❤【LARGER CAPACITY】Stanley SL18116P Wet / Dry Vacuum has a larger capacity over 22 L, makes small clean-up jobs a breeze for you as you don’t have to empty the bucket frequently any more.Runtime: 300.0 hours
  • ❤【VERSATILE & POWERFUL】Thanks to the 4 peak HP motor, this vac offers powerful enough suction needed to almost any cleanup jobs in vehicle, jobsite, workshop, garage, basement, van, house, etc
  • ❤【3 in 1 FUNCTION】With this versatile vac you can vacuum both wet liquid spills and dry debris, dust, saw, dirt or blow leaves away(use blower port), just organize the hose and power cord on top handle and side wraps after using, conveniently
  • ❤【FARTHER CLEANUP】With over 16 ft of cleaning reach(6 ft hose, 10 ft power cord and 3 pieces of extension wands) it’s easy to do a farther cleanup for you without unplugging the unit, while it has four swivel casters for convenient and easy manoeuvrability
  • ❤【WHAT YOU GET】Stanley SL18116P Wet / Dry Vac x 1, 1-1/4"x6’ super flexible hose x 1,extension wands x 3, gulper nozzle, floor nozzle x 1,crevice nozzle x 1,foam filter x 1, dust bag x 1, reusable dry filter x 1, 12-Month Warranty


Stanley wet dry vacuum is a shop vac that can be used for multiple purposes. No matter you have wet and dry particles. This shop vac can be easily used for the cleanup works in the areas such as a vehicle, Jobsite, workshop, garage, basement, van, and house. In this place, wet or dry particles are removed with this shop vac to make sure you can go easily for your clean up works.

This shop vac is also designed with a powerful suction capacity that does not compromise with any wet or liquid particles, dust, saw and blow-dry leaves in the front garden of your house. So when you are worried about the heavy-duty of a cleanup job, you can surely depend on this shop vac for better and cleaner life indeed.


When you are in the process of making a decision on shop vac, the most important issue to consider is the capacity of the shop vac. luckily this shop vac comes with 6 gallons of debris tank that indicates that you can go for a longer time of cleaning job. Surely this gallon capacity is not going to let you empty the tank after a short period of time. Not just this shop vac, you should consider the gallon capacity to store the debris and particles. Additionally, the airflow capacity comes with 75 cubic feet per minute which is really a great deal to go with the faster and heavier cleaning job.

Heavy-duty motor

The power of the motor helps people go cleaning work smoothly. Standard motor power is recommended as 3 horsepower for garage, shop or house cleaning work. Luckily this shop vac comes with 4 horsepower that let you continue your cleaning work relentlessly. This motor is also considered as heavy-duty that can take up a heavy load of the cleaning job.

Cord and hose length

When you are getting a longer cord with hose length, you can go far place to clean. This shop vac has a total of 16 feet that include 6 feet hose and 10 feet power cord. In the house or garage or any Jobsite, this length is helpful to clean the floor and vehicle conveniently. Additionally, the diameter of the hose comes with 1-1/4 and it sucks up a little bit larger particles indeed.


Filter is another deal to consider when you are going to buy a shop vac. This shop vac is designed with foam filer for wet cleaning purposes and disposable filer which means it is a high efficiency of the filter.


In case you want to clean the dry leaves in front garden or backside of the house or any dry particles with moving air, a blower is an indispensable part indeed. It has blower port and you just attach the hose to the rear and power on the top handle. Then you move the dry leaves to your place and vacuum up conveniently.


Accessories are an important part of the shop vac. This shop vac includes different types of accessories to make sure you can go for multiple cleaning works. These accessories are hose, extension wands, crevice nozzle, gulper nozzle, and floor nozzle, reusable dry filter with clamp ring, foam filter, and disposable filter. So you may use these accessories according to your needs. The quality of these accessories is also best and you can easily set up these accessories.

How to Use the Shop Vac

shop vac 5986000 5 Gallon wet dry

Surely you have bought the shop vac and the most important issue is how to use the shop vac. Stanley wet dry shop vac has a user manual where you can get complete guidelines on how to use it. From the general point of view, we can suggest you on how to use any shop vac.

  1. Firstly you need to check out accessories in case there is any fault.
  2. You set up the accessories such as filter, blower port, and hose according to your cleaning needs.
  3. Then you should power on and go easy cleaning process.
  4. You should not forget to follow the safety procedure as well.

Final Verdict

Stanley shop vac is really wonderful solution for tough life with debris, particles, fine dust, and liquid spills. This shop vac can be used conveniently to complete your cleaning work and you lead a healthy life always. Additionally, this shop vac is the best quality according to customer reviews.

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