JBL Tune 500BT Bluetooth Headphone Review

After a reasonable pair of wireless on-ear headphones that sound fantastic too? The JBL Tune 500BT is an excellent buy. It is very easy to wear for an extended duration of time, they sound superb with lot of basses that are not domineering and a matched treble. JBL has materialized as one of the big boys when it comes to projecting amazing headphones. With an extensive list of products, JBL bangs another blow to the wireless headphone oppositions with the discharge of the JBL T500BT. As the known number one product in the headphone market, the JBL T500BT has to turn out to be a very famous wireless mobile headphone. One of JBL’s trademarks in the convenient audio brand is its great quality and mighty bass.

The JBL Tune 500BT wireless headphones highlight standard accessories for this price segment: documents and charging cable (micro-USB, sorry, no Type-C). A low-cost on-ear wireless headphone with superb bass and up to 16 hours of battery life.

The headphones look astonishing, and buyers have a variety of colors (blue, black, white, and pink) to select from. The raw materials used are not very costly: a part of leatherette and plastic, which will be reviewed distinguishingly below.

JBL Tune 500T Wireless On-Ear Black Headphone

JBL Tune 500BT


  • Bluetooth: 1
  • Frequency Response: 20 – 20.000 Hz
  • Impedance: 32 ohms
  • Microphones: Integrated
  • Drivers: Dynamic
  • Weight: 155g
  • Quick-charge: 2hours in 5mins
  • Battery: 16hours
  • Latency: 200ms(average)
  • Charging time: 2hours
  • Type: Closed back on-ear Bluetooth Headphones

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JBL Tune 500 Bluetooth Survey

The JBL T500BT headphones are easy for their solid form factor. You can listen to music for more than a few hours without intermission or distress as it uses very pleasant thin leatherette ear pads. The characteristics of the Bluetooth connection are quite splendid as well. As long as the number of gadgets in a typical person’s selection, the capacity to connect to two devices concurrently is also a great supplement. The sound quality is perfect in terms of functioning per dollar, setting up the JBL Tune 500BT a great model for bass lovers. In addition, pop music, modern music, electronic music, dance, and hip-hop also gain from the power of the bass.

JBL Tune 500BT

  • Powerful basses
  • Reliable Bluetooth connection
  • High Quality/Price ratio
  • Comfortable for long durations
  • Multi-point connection
  • Somewhat narrow soundstage
  • Audible external noises

JBL T500BT – Wireless on-ear headphones with 16 hours of battery life, high-quality bass sound, and a reliable Bluetooth connection.


The JBL T500BT is very comfortable to use and does not prompt uneasiness after an hour or two, contrary to other on-ear versions. It’s not ideal for everyone, most importantly if you have a big head. The headband of the JBL T500BT can resist mechanical wreckage as it is fabricated of high-quality matte plastic. On a different note, the cushions are not very stable as they are composed of leatherette, but they seem quite powerful.

The JBL T500BT wireless headphones offer a bendable design and can be deposited in a bag/backpack adequately. The company did not place a shield in the kit, which is rather regrettable. Nevertheless, as long as the product’s price, it’s doubtfully to be anticipated. The thin and soft artificial leather provides some comfort, but regrettably, it fades out very fast.

Connectivity and Controls

The JBL Tune 500BT works except operating high-resolution codecs over Bluetooth 4.1. Nevertheless, the signal is strong within a 10m radius. The pairing action is simple: press down the power button until the Bluetooth light flashes for 2 seconds, then locate the headphones in your smartphone’s device list, and you’re done.

While using Bluetooth, the headphones don’t impede obstacles (back pockets and walls) or objects. Furthermore, when viewing videos online, there is no temporal relation between image and audio content, which is very favorable for a low-budget headset.

JBL Tune 500BT permits the user to link to two devices concurrently. For instance, you can watch a movie on your tablet in the headset, and even if you have a smartphone-linked at the same time, you won’t fail to notice any incoming calls.

The microphone of the JBL Tune 500BT is of average quality. The headphones can be operated as a headset, nevertheless, noisy places are not perfect for communication with the 500BT.

Other features like push-button controls.

  • Multi-task button: in charge of receiving and ending a call, starting and pausing, calling the voice assistant
  • +/-button: in charge of track navigation, volume
  • The power button, also in charge of pairing with the source.

Generally, the handling is quite natural and effective. Simple, without sensory features, reminding someone of the traditional headsets.

Bluetooth and Technology

JBL T500BT Bluetooth headphones can only be applied via Bluetooth 4.1 with no alternative to using a cable. They operate best with high-resolution codecs and can work within a range of about 10 meters. The linkage performance remains good in open spaces and may fail if obstructed by walls or other hindrances.

Perhaps, you will be happy to know that the headset endorses all of the following music profiles.

  • HSP – Headphone Profile
  • Hands-free
  • A2DP

Absolutely brilliant, right?

Looking at the enhancements of the JBL T500BT, the headphones have just the essential controls with a few buttons, which appear pretty neat.

An additional characteristic of these headphones earned mixed comments. The truth is that you can’t charge them while you’re wearing them (because you’ll have to turn the cups) makes them harmless, as there have been intermittent reports of the batteries getting destroyed when filled up while you’re hearing music. However, you won’t be able to use them while they are charging. So is this a good or bad quality? That’s for you to judge.

In terms of battery life, the JBL Tune 500BT, in the form aspect of on-ear headphones, is honestly pretty good with up to 16 hours of duration. The real testing backs up these requests, with the headphones playing up to 16 hours at average volume and up to 18 hours on a single charge. If you don’t use the headphones too much, the battery might be sufficient for a few days. With 16 hours of use on a single charge, the JBL T500BT headphones are superbly good. Plus, the battery strength is 300mAh, which means you can benefit from the fast charging to the max.

It demands 2 hours to fully charge the battery of the JBL Tune 500BT. A Fast Charge feature is obtainable: You can charge 1 hour of playback in 5 minutes. Nevertheless, it is not smart to charge the gadget continuously for short period and then deplete the battery. It is detrimental to the battery.


To cut the whole answer short, the headset has poor functioning when it comes to the microphone. Noise termination is not good; although you can enjoy operating with Siri and Google Now if you are in a tranquil place.

The JBL Tune 500BT’s noise seclusion is good enough that street noise doesn’t interrupt the music as a whole. But road noise is hearable, which is both good and bad. You can subdue all other sounds if you turn up the volume. However, in this position, the headphones play worse, which might be nasty to some.

Sound Quality

The JBL T500BT offers a strong and noticeable bass sound. These are true bass-oriented Bluetooth headphones. Their distinct sound signature outcomes from actions targeted at making the music more appealing by increasing the lower range greatly. Basses are a bit sloppy, messy, and abundant. Yes, at first they make a good notion, but after some time they become wearisome. On the other hand, there is no need to whine because, for a little over $200, we get quite fast attack and crucial rhythmic accents, plus good prolongation, weight, and force in the lower range.

If you’re an admirer of current musical instruments, you’ll easily be blasted away by the audio quality present by the JBL T500BT. The headphones provide incredible bass, which is not fuzzy, thanks to the striking delivery. This means that you can get great sound quality while listening to genres with electronic music. This makes the JBL T500BT the best headphones for current music with Pure Bass technology.

The upper midrange is also increased, but this does not alter the overall U- or V-shaped sound reply. Generally, to put it openly, an exceedingly flat frequency reply would possibly be hideous, particularly for a young listener, which is why the active and powerful character is so cool to hear in the Tune 500BT.

The treble is working all the time, details are present, the display is detailed, but the treble is not too sophisticated and sometimes too direct. This is especially true with less dispossess compressed files.

The JBL Tune 500BT conducts best on concurrent electronic pop music. The headphones are most flourishing in current music with synthetic bass. At the same time, you may not obtain the same outcomes listening to jazz and classical music, however, you’re looking at the incorrect Bluetooth headphones if that’s what you’re looking for.

  • WIRELESS BLUETOOTH & MULTI-POINT CONNECTIONS: Wirelessly stream high-quality sound from your smartphone without messy cords. Allows you to effortlessly switch from one Bluetooth device to another.
  • JBL PURE BASS SOUND: Wireless headphone features the renowned JBL Pure Bass sound, which can be found in the most famous venues all around the world.
  • HANDS FREE CALLS: Easily control your sound and manage your calls from your bluetooth headphones with the convenient 1-button remote with microphone.
  • UP TO 16 HOUR BATTERY LIFE WITH SPEED CHARGE: For long-lasting fun, listen wirelessly for up to 16 hours and recharge the battery in as little as 2 hours. A quick 5-minute recharge gives you an additional hour of music.
  • COMFORT FIT DESIGN: The lightweight materials and soft ear cushions with a padded headband make the bluetooth headphones comfortable to wear for extended periods. The foldable design makes it convenient for you to carry your headphones anywhere and anytime you want music.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Before use please fully charge the headphone with the supplied cable as well as make sure your device is fully updated to the latest Bluetooth version


The gadget has its enigmas but is a more advanced wireless headphone presented in the same price range. With its great strength and simplicity, the JBL T500BT offers high-quality sound for most music lovers, but not for those who want to use it as a communication device due to poor microphone performance.

Control attributes are lowest and just right, with the right number of buttons. Without a cable, Bluetooth connectivity is quite fascinating, making it a suitable choice for smartphones and other Bluetooth-enabled music devices, but not for computers.

If you are looking for a smart, trendy headset with above-average noise-canceling systems and strong basses, this is the type for you. Given its beautiful music playback, features, and philosophy, the JBL 500 Bluetooth is an appealing model at any price.

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