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How Do I Get RV Mobile Internet on My Phone?

Do you search for the best way to get internet for RV? Not only you, but lots of RV travelers are also figuring out how they can keep their connectivity strong with family, friends, news, and entertainment when they are on a road trip. Many people run a business that needs to travel the whole country or work remotely, so they need a preferable connection to be able to live online. So, I have thoroughly discussed RV Internet and have given clear answers on how you can use it, what you might need to use it. Let’s take a deeper look.

How To Connect Phone to the RV Internet?

It is possible to use a phone as an internet connection while you are in an RV. Nowadays, most phones have built-in mobile hotspot features that work to establish secure internet at a time with multiple devices. Aside, Verizon has the largest 4G network coverage and T-Mobile has 5G, in the United States. Currently, cellular networks allow users to use 3G, 4G, and 5G networks. However, the 5G network has not yet covered the world. But, 4G networks can get better coverage compared to Wi-Fi and hotspot.

But, if you are on a tight budget, just skip giant isp and consider signing up from MVNO’s. MVNO uses the same cellular network as the biggest providers do. Its major downside is, you may get deprived of traffic. Big providers reserve the best traffic for their customers, then transfer the remaining traffic to the MVNO provider. However, it is usually sufficient to cope with difficulties and can save you money. 

There are plenty of reasons, you might move your decision to a dedicated hotspot plan in place of a cell phone plan.

Data Limits: Though most cell phones have an option “limited data allotment ”. It is used for hotspot usage only. But, you don’t need to burn hotspot data by helping other people you are camping with. Check first your providers allow hotspot sharing option in phone plans. Or else, you may feel an unpleasant experience.

Battery Life: If multiple devices are connected with your device, that means everyone is sucking your data up, so battery life will go through within a short time. But, a dedicated hotspot device will last longer compared to a phone.

Range: Dedicated mobile hotspot has long-range, people won’t face any laggy connection in a crowded place.

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What To Need for the Internet in Your RV?

RVMobile Internet

To get the best cellular internet for RV, you need a compatible router or modem, data plan. Your selected router could be, mobile hotspot device or modem/router device with a 4G LTE plan. If you are not a heavy data user, consider using a free hotspot by a mobile phone data plan. 

An Internet Hotspot

Maybe you are far away from the landline internet, so you have to use either cellular internet. Cellular internet such as mobile hotspots, is faster and cheaper. I know, the major concern is hotspot coverage that can’t compare with residential satellite internet. That’s better than nothing. But, in this era, 3G and 4G (5G in some cases) coverage are better than previous connections. You can hook up to national network coverage maps.

Internet Plan

To run the internet on a hotspot device, just need a service plan. Typically, the hotspot is built for a single provider’s network. So, make sure your isp and hotspot have unique bonding. For cellular hotspots plans, I will recommend some well-known providers such as T-Mobile, At&t, Verizon. By the way, Sprint has a pretty good hotspot plan as well.

Unlimited and Unthrottled

For heavy data users, an unlimited data plan makes a lot of sense. At least, you will be free from the worry of a painful charge for exceeding the monthly limit. Finally, no need to worry about running out of data. But here is a simple strategy that is applied by Internet Service Providers. If you decide to purchase unlimited hotspot plans from Verizon, they look at you and smile a little, then sell you one. But, you won’t get it, because that was a fake smile. 

Your purchased plan isn’t actually unlimited. After using a couple of amounts of data, definitely, you will be “throttled” and face a slowness or unusable connection. It will continue its nasty speed before the next round of billing starts. At this stage, I love RV’s decision, they ensure unlimited and unthrottled connection in a true unicorn plan. Moreover, RV sells unlimited and unthrottled plans for phones.

It is suited only to on-device data if you tether a laptop or TV to the phone device, you will probably need to use a limited amount of data. Do you again think about unlimited? If you watch antenna or satellite TV, or TV on your phone, you don’t need to go for unlimited plans.

Recent Unlimited and Unthrottled Picks for RVers

Ultimately, your internet plan depends on your budget and data needs, but we pinpointed some good offers for you.

FMCA TechConnect+ Plan (Sprint)

Don’t forget your friends and family, when you are on a road trip. FMCA is the biggest non-profit RV club in the world. FMCA maintains its flexibility and ensures your connection is strong from the comfort zone of your RV. You may be a full-time worker on the road or wanna upload your recent pic online. Whatever you want, RV internet service is always on your side. Being an FMCA member can save a huge amount of money from regular internet deals. Exclusive RV WiFi offers have been negotiated by FMCA for members. 

FMCA has worked with Sprint to deliver an excellent benefit to its members. Thinking of the benefits to the members, they offer an unlimited and unthrottled hotspot plan for only $49.99 per month in Sprint, which also includes one-time rental fees at $39.99. Sprint has likely the smallest network but you will find this network work anytime in a crowded place. Video resolution is up to 480p, so you can’t watch movies in high definition. But, 480p resolution is not so bad, try to adjust with this. You have to use a rental hotspot device that they rent to you. 

FMCA members can only avail themselves of this plan at $75 per year. This plan consists of a couple of benefits like Family RVing Magazine, Emergency Evacuation Insurance, and many more. The good news is, to avail FMCA TechConnect+ Plan, no-long term contract is required.

Sprint Extras:

  • Video chat with friends and relatives with Sprint’s best coverage.
  • Upload and share your moments without thinking about exceeding the data limit.
  • Stay connected with work on the road.
  • Free 2 day shipping.
  • No contract.

Get FMCA Plan

Visible RV Internet

Visible merged with Verizon’s prepaid brand. Visible provides unlimited and unthrottled cell phone plans at a cheap rate on Verizon’s 4G and 5G networks. It is available on most iPhones and Android devices. With an affordable and shared plan, Visible agreed to deliver unlimited and Unthrottled LTE connection on Verizon’s reliable network. It allows an option for cell phone tethering.

If you purchase a Visible plan to use it with your smartphone, consider tethering to it for unlimited data that costs $40 per month. The real problem is speed capped at 5Mbps. Though, generally, it is good enough to Watch Netflix and perform all other internet activities. Here is a catch, you can tether one device only at a time, and must be the phone sold by Visible. Still, you’re on the Verizon network, that’s great.

Get Visible Plan

AT&T RV Internet

At&t has launched a new data plan in spring 2021. This plan has extra features, it will give you double the data compared to previous plans. At $55 per month, you can avail of it. To establish better RV internet, you can use the NETGEAR Nighthawk M1 router. Signal incapability is the worst problem in remote areas. That’s why internet signal coverage really matters. So, make sure you have checked out At&t Coverage Map first, to avoid low signal or no signal issues in your travel location.

Though, At&t has been able to provide nationwide network coverage as the second-best network provider in the internet age. Moreover, to maximize cellular connection in a harder reach location, set up MobilSat Enterprise Router and External Antenna. It has a unique capability to boost up wireless signal so you can feel a better internet experience.

Get At&t Plan

T-Mobile RV Mobile Internet

T-Mobile can be your favorite travel companion. If you are a whole year traveler, traveling city to city with RV, in several places like America’s beach towns, Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Maui Glacier National Park, etc. With a T-Mobile hotspot plan, you may get praiseworthy speed when using the internet. T-mobile unveils their first 5G hotspot device – the T-Mobile Inseego 5G MiFi M2000 Mobile Hotspot that costs $336 ($14/mo). First purchase a contract-free prepaid data plan then pair it with a hotspot device. Connect it anywhere, there’s T-Mobile service available and enjoy streaming.

In a prepaid plan, T-Mobile gives priority data and unlimited 3G data. Only 480p quality video streaming exists in the prepaid plan. T-Mobile has a strong network in cities and suburban areas but they failed to reach rural areas, which can surprisingly be done by Verizon and At&t. However, T-Mobile with a 5G network is not lagging behind. It is far better than any other provider. If you travel from California to Las Vegas to San Francisco, you can get cheap and speedy cellular data from T-Mobile rather than any other provider.

Get T-Mobile Plan

Nomad Internet For RV

Nomad Internet is one of the underrated cellular internets, which is often called wireless internet or 4G LTE home internet. Nomad internet has served as a low-priced data plan over the years. If you want flexible data with a cheap price for seasonal travel or weekend trips, go for it. With this plan, you can perform all daily shortcut chores like checking emails, browsing the internet, streaming video for anywhere in the USA.

Although it has not yet reached internet service well in remote areas, to explore the edges of civilization, it would be best. When you are going to Sign-up, select a preferable plan first, then check out cell phone coverage on maps. Make sure to have good coverage on your hot travel spots. All plans have unlimited data opportunity through data caps (although using more than 250 GB of data per month will be considered as a Flag)

Get Nomad Plan

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q. Do you travel in areas with a cell phone?

Ans: Generally, if you stay at famous beaches and lakes, at resorts, at hotels, in established campgrounds, or with friends and family in your city. Most of the time, you will be within range of cellular service. If you think, yes I am ok with it. Try to avail cellular internet for your RV with 4G LTE internet and mobile hotspot.

Q. Do you travel in highly remote areas?

Ans: If you went for boondocking in public areas but unfortunately forgot about cellular service, the only one way can get you to live online. 

Q. Do you work from a distance?

Ans: You will have to invest considerably in your Internet connection when you are a remote worker and want to stay active 24/7 to keep you productive while you are on the road and camping. Remote employees need alternatives for redundancy, so another alternative is accessible when one is not working.

Q. Do you use the internet for entertainment when you travel?

Ans: Your data may be sucked up if you are streaming Netflix, Hotstar, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or play video games. Avoid satellite internet data for entertainment because it is so expensive and often very slow. Deal with other cellular data for entertainment purposes on the road. Though it won’t work at all everywhere.

Q. How long do you stay active online during travels?

Ans: If you are a heavy data user, staying active half a day or more time in online or video chatting, calling with family and friends. You need heavy internet plans with unlimited and unthrottled data caps.


Are you going on an RV Trip? If yes, don’t need to give up your internet connection. Remember that, while you traveling across the country or few miles on the road, you have plenty of internet options. Various isp are waiting for your positive response, I have shared a discussion about RV internet that lies on Unlimited, Unthrottled, or regular plan. Decide, what plan is suitable for you? Then go for it.

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