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High Speed Portable Mobile Satellite Internet Plans

People engage in different activities every day. Traveling to different places is one of the activities that is taking place in every corner of the world. This explains why cars are increasing every day. Well, if the technology is to be considered then, even though people travel in different regions, accessing the internet would still be one of the priorities. That said, mobile satellite internet may be required to ensure such activities run smoothly. Maybe you still want to know what mobile satellite internet is even after giving you that scenario. Well, mobile satellite internet is the internet that you can use even when you are working, traveling (by any means), or doing any activity that involves mobility.

Why is it important to have a mobile satellite internet?

From the explanation above, at least you can puzzle out why or how important the mobile internet is. Still, you can check out some of these benefits.

> Mobile satellite internet acts as a surrogate’ where other types of the internet such as cable internet cannot be used. This is self-explanatory. Since you don’t have to carry a satellite dish wherever you go, you can use it anywhere and you don’t necessarily need cables or whatsoever to connect your device to access the internet.

> It is reliable and very convenient. Yes. With mobile satellite internet, you have the potential to access the internet anywhere at any anytime. Still, for example, in the line of work, you don’t have to tell someone (whether your boss or just a working partner) that he/she should wait for some time so that you can get to a certain place where you can access the internet to perform a certain activity. In short, with mobile satellite internet then, you are covered in all aspects.

> It saves money. You can agree with this statement when you are a serious traveler. How? This is true in the sense that, as you are traveling and you want to use the internet, you may be required to stop and visit a cyber or any point where you can get internet services. It turns out that, you will have to pay some money to get these services. Therefore, it may be expensive.

There are myriad benefits that come as a result of having portable mobile satellite internet but, the aforementioned ones sound true even to those who don’t use mobile satellite internet. If you have plans of getting one then, don’t hesitate since you won’t regret it. If you are not a traveler, you don’t have to worry. You may think that this type of internet is mainly for travelers. It’s for everyone whether living in the urban or the rural.

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How to set up a portable satellite internet

mobile satellite internet

The setup process involves some processes that you may not be in a position to do them perfectly by yourself. Below is the description of a basic set up;

Dish assembly: If you are assembling the dish by yourself, you will have the dish assembly kits plus a guide or a user manual that will direct you in everything.

Modem configuration: You will require an Ethernet cable that will enable you to connect the modem to your PC. Thereafter, you will have to run the software that will aid you in configuring the modem for necessary adjustments according to your geographical location.

Web-based configuration: The software that you are running will help the satellite dish to receive signals that are used in establishing the internet connection. Web-based configuration, as the name suggests, requires you to type the URL that is in the user manual to your web browser. Thereafter, you will have to follow the prompts from the software, and you are done.

Point the dish: Once you have everything including numbers that you are provided by the web-based software, you will now be required to use the compass and a level tool to point the dish towards the satellite signal.

Once you are done with the setting, check, and confirm whether you have a clear view of the southern sky. It is still fundamental to ensure that the portable satellite you are using won’t inconvenience you in any way. Well, as said earlier, mobile satellite internet is not intended for travelers only. It turns out that different events may require a mobile satellite internet. In the next section, some of the areas or fields in which mobile satellite internet is convenient are discussed.

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Best mobile satellite internet for recreational vehicles (RVs)

In this field, Hughes 9450-C10 BGAN Mobile Satellite terminal is the best. Before going further on this type of mobile satellite internet, here are its properties;

  • It supports internet, phone, fax, and SMS text.
  • It has a downloading speed of 464 Kbps.
  • It has an uploading speed of 448 Kbps.
  • It comes with an in-motion antenna.
  • It has an 802.11b Wi-Fi access point.

This is most effective for travelers who spend most of their time on roads. As you can see from the properties, this is not only a Wi-Fi hotspot but also a good connection to fax, phone, and SMS texts. Besides, it comes with an onboard router that has the speeds mentioned above. The router can be connected via Wi-Fi or use a cable.

However, talking of the downloading and uploading speeds, you can also agree that they are too low to make everything right. To be honest, you can’t use that speed in video gaming or streaming videos and music. The only areas it can offer great help are the ones mentioned. That is, checking emails, googling, chatting with friends and family plus others where you find it working effectively.

Hughes 9450-C10 is a terminal that works simply. It connects you to the Broad Global Area Network (BGAN). BGAN is a network that is comprised of 4 satellites that are owned by Inmarsat. Unlike cable or DSL networks where you are required to pay for the internet services online, BGAN connects you through a SIM card. These SIM cards can be found online at varying prices depending on the capacity of data you want. The SIM cards are;

  1. SATAMAZONE – it comes with 1000 data units valid for 365 days.
  2. BlueCosmo – it comes with 500 data units valid for 180 days.
  3. BlueCosmo – it comes with 500 data units valid for 90 days.

The in-motion satellite antenna ensures that satellite signals are automatically found and tracked.

Best mobile satellite internet on a budgetBest mobile satellite internet

NETGEAR Mingle 4G LTE is our best pick here. This is a standalone mobile hotspot device and it has the following features;

  • 5 – 12 Mbps downloading speed.
  • It comes with a 500 MB/month.
  • Its battery can last up to 12 hours.

Are you shocked by that amount of data? Well, early on, we mentioned mobile satellite internet is not good for purposes such a video gaming and streaming movies. Checking emails and sending messages in the form of text to family and friends can be perfectly done with 500 MB per month. Therefore, the main reason why NETGEAR Mingle 4G LTE is classified as a mobile satellite internet on a budget is because of its price – very low. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars. Just the first one, this one also performs well in remote areas.

The added advantage here is the fact that this is a standalone mobile hotspot devise so it frees your mobile phone. The outstanding power of the battery is also great. Besides, the size of this device won’t stress you. It’s small and light making it convenient to be pocketed or stored in a bag and be used well whether walking or riding. Although the role played by this can as well be performed by mobile phones – achieved through tethering, you are recommended to grab this device. You will have access to different advantages that you can’t get via your phone.

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Best mobile satellite internet for camping

Youths mostly do a lot of camping. For that reason, mobile satellite internet covers you. IsatHub Portable Satellite Wi-Fi Hotspot is the best for this category. Its features are;

  • It supports phone, internet and SMS texts.
  • It has a downloading speed of 380 Kbps.
  • It has an uploading speed of 240 Kbps.
  • It has up to 100 ft. hotspot range.

If you are that fellow who is extra zealous with social media then, you’re covered. This mobile satellite Wi-Fi hotspot can help you do a lot on social media platforms and sending emails. Don’t worry if you are camping in remote areas. In fact, this mobile hotspot requires a clear sky so that it can establish a good signal strength. It just weighs 1.9 pounds. So you can easily carry it comfortably. As a user, you should note that this mobile satellite hotspot has a battery that lasts for just two hours and 24 hours if left in standby mode.

Best mobile satellite internet for boats

While you are busily habiting the water though temporarily, you can access the internet with a mobile satellite internet from Verizon. Verizon Beyond Unlimited Cellphone Plan is a deal talked about here. This is an awesome plan that requires you to have a smartphone and get to go. Through the process of tethering, turn your mobile phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot. If you are traveling in lakes, rivers, and oceans in the US then, this plan is good for you. It comes with a 15 GB LTE data. Once the data is depleted, you get access to unlimited data that works under a speed of 600 Kbps.

There are many plans from different providers in the US but Verizon is recommended because it has excellent nationwide coverage. If you are traveling to other countries over the water, you can still use this service as well. All you need to do is;

  • Ensure your mobile phone is unlocked.
  • Making sure the mobile phone works on GSM network.
  • Once you get to the destination country (that is outside the USA) purchase a prepaid SIM card plus data then, put it in your cellphone.

Alternatively, you can buy a burner phone once you get to your destination country. If that sounds a job, you can choose to swap to an international phone plan. However, this goes hand in hand with your US-based service provider. As you are engaging in different activities in the waters, the signal strength may not be strong enough hence inconveniencing you. Well, if this happens, you will require the best signal booster that will help you to boost the signal strength.

Pros and Cons of Mobile Satellite Internet

Before moving to the last section that involves frequently asked questions, it is important to briefly look at the pros and cons of mobile satellite internet.

  • It can be accessed nearly everywhere
  • Quick-recovery post-disaster
  • It is cost-effective
  • It can be used in places where other types of the internet such as cable and DSL are not available
  • It can be affected by bad weather.
  • It is slower than cable and fiber.
  • High latency which makes some activities such as video gaming impossible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile satellite internet frequently asked questions

Q. Can you access the internet and transfer data using mobile satellite internet?

Yes. However, it depends on the type of data that you want to transfer. According to the speeds that come with mobile satellite internet, transferring data in the form of videos may be hard. Texts are more relevant.

Q. Will my phone work properly indoors – in my car, boat and so on?

For effective performance, an external antenna will be required which is supposed to have access to at least a 75% view of the sky for good signal strength. This would, in turn, make a good connection leading to effective performance.

Q. Can I use mobile satellite internet in any country?

Not really. Some countries don’t allow internet access. Therefore, it is important to know the state of the country before wanting to use mobile satellite internet. Follow this link to see the countries that restrict internet connections

See the Map

Some terms are accompanied by satellite internet. Most of them have been abbreviated in this article. Find their full meaning below in case you didn’t know.

Latency; refers to the delay in data delivery. It is as a result of the server and the satellite.

  • ISP: stands for internet service provider.
  • VPN: stands for a virtual private network.
  • DSL: stands for digital subscriber line.
  • VOIP: voice over internet protocol.
  • Wi-Fi: short for wireless internet.
  • Mbps: megabytes per second

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