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Unlimited Home Wifi Plans (Internet Service Providers)

unlimited internet plans for home
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Having unlimited internet plans for home is all we wish for. You do not want to be on a video call with a friend and cut off because you do not have sufficient data. An unlimited plan will ensure you are covered all the time until the plan expires, whereby you will need to purchase another plan. Many data plans claim to offer unlimited internet, but they come with a lot of hitches and probably very low speeds. Other plans will be fast, but after a certain amount of data is depleted the speed will slow down. 

Do you know how to get unlimited internet for fee? Just take a look. This guide is however there to ensure that you get the ideal internet plan for your home that does not have complications and no reduced speeds. You will actually enjoy it all the while until the time for renewal of the plan comes.

You will also get to know the cheap internet plan that you can purchase for unlimited bundles.

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Unlimited Internet Plans for Home

  1. $50 for MetroPCS Unlimited Internet Plan
  2. Visible Unlimited Internet Plan
  3. $70 for T-Mobile One Internet Plan
  4. $60 for Sprint Unlimited Data Plan
  5. Verizon Go Unlimited Internet Data Plan – $75
  6. AT&T Unlimited Internet Data and more Schedule for $70
  7. CenturyLink
  8. Xfinity Unlimited Internet Data Plan for Top Speeds
  9. Cox Unlimited Internet Data Plan
  10. Frontier Unlimited Internet Data Plan

1. $50 for MetroPCS Unlimited Internet Plan

MetroPCS give their customers one of the best-unlimited plans in the market. If you are looking for a platform to cough out as little as you want and acquire data in the capacity you want, then MetroPCS is the ideal carrier.

The carrier operates on a powerful T-Mobile network though at times it becomes spotty in rural regions. The price for its plan, however, is only $50 which includes all the fees and taxes. Customers are able to stream quality videos consuming any amount of data without restrictions.

You are also able to text and call your friends and loved ones for the longest periods of time. The plan is even upgraded for your convenience where 5GB of data of high-speed internet. The plan is still however very competitive even if the speeds may slow down a bit. This is because of maybe congestion that sometimes makes users experience lower download speed limits.

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2. Visible Unlimited Internet Plan

Boost Mobile’s Unlimited plan was the carrier that held this spot because it had extra hotspot data that went for the same price just like MetroPCS. However, a data plan from a carrier known as Visible seems to be a more viable option for customers on a tight budget.

Visible gives its users a focused plan that is value-based on unlimited calling, texting, and data on the LTE network for Verizon. Their plan goes for only $40 which is very affordable for many people. The incredible price includes all the fees, taxes, and any other charges that may be required. The bills you pay will have no charges on top of them.

The good thing with this carrier is that there is no point where the data speed is reduced. What it does is, the speeds are kept at a constant speed every time. This basically means that the customers operate at speeds of 5Mbps, which is not really that fast but it is reliable for mobile phone users.

The carrier allows users to the video stream and also provides unlimited mobile hotspots. Visible does not limit the streaming or download speeds when using services like say music streaming or online gaming, it just puts a limit to the 5Mbps mark. Everything you do online will have a maximum of 5Mbps only.

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3. $70 for T-Mobile One Internet Plan

This plan did not really look okay to be paraded among the best, but here it is. It was found to be among the best internet deals that one could go for at any given time. The one big advantage with this home internet provider is that their fee for $70 is exact every month. This means that all fees and taxes covered in that amount.

The Sprint’s plan looks cheaper but it has more limits that will curtail your freedom and hence the T-Mobile’s plan seems more viable. T-Mobile is known to be having the largest soft data cap alongside sprint. You will only be deprioritized once you have used up 50GB of data. This technically means that you will receive more mileage by using T-Mobile as your internet provider with their awesome plan.

The only limitation however with this is that you will be limited to a video streaming of DVD quality only. Extra perks are also available in this plan. Tethering is possible and it uses speeds of up to 3G. T-Mobile’s plan allows the user’s unlimited text and call time even while traveling in Mexico and Canada. They will also be able to use their phones in 140 other countries.

Another thing is that T-Mobile offers the customers a free Netflix account subscription-only that individuals cannot access it because it needs two lines. Although, you can use a free VPN for Netflix. For customers that do not want the international features of the plan, there is a cheaper one that goes for $50 but has fees and taxes on top of it.

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4. $60 for Sprint Unlimited Data Plan

Sprint is basically one of the major four carriers. It has the lowest price for the unlimited data plan it offers. Sprint initially had a data plan known as the Unlimited Freedom plan but they called it off. It was replaced by a new system which is commonly referred to as Unlimited Basic Plan.

The plan is basically one of the cheapest internet deals in the market. Unlimited Basic Plan goes for only $60 with additional fees and taxes. In as much as the price has not changed from that of the initial plan, Sprint has reduced mobile hotspot data to 500MB from the initial 10GB that was in the Unlimited Freedom plan. Again Sprint only allows video streaming using the 480p quality whereas in the initial plan it was given to customers in HD video. The data allotment has been upgraded though. Clients will now use high-speed data of 50GB before deprioritization when there is network congestion.

Sprint will also give free subscriptions to Hulu to customers and also allow them to have access to some services abroad like basic data and free texting. This will be in 200 countries and counting whereas if you go to Mexico and Canada you will enjoy full benefits with 5GB of data.

5. Verizon Go Unlimited Internet Data Plan – $75

Verizon’s unlimited data plan is pricier than others in the market. This is because it goes for $75 for individual plans which do not include fees and taxes. But with that high price comes calls, texts, uncapped data, and 4G coverage that is definitely higher than the other major carriers.

Verizon’s internet plan offers its customers DVD-quality streaming and also allows a hotspot usage of unlimited data at 600Kbps. Customers are also enabled to use Verizon’s Go Unlimited plan and services for calls, data, and texts while in Mexico and Canada too.

Even though this proves to be a true data plan that is unlimited, clients may often get reduced speeds when Verizon’s network is congested. Again it does not matter the data they have consumed in a month. The speeds will just reduce automatically at any given time the network is congested, unlike the other plans where it slows down after you have consumed a certain percentage of the bundles.

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6. AT&T Unlimited Internet Data and more Schedule for $70

This unlimited and more plan goes for $70 for one line. This happens when paperless billing and auto-pay are enabled. This cost, however, does not include the taxes and fees, they are to be added on. However, the cost will enable you to access AT&T’s network. It is a great honor and privilege to be affiliated with it since it ranks high in the US and functions well with most of the unlocked phones that can be categorized as the best.

The more’ part in the name has a meaning to the clients. The plan has incorporated more than 35 TV channels that are live on the service. This is through using the WatchTV app thereby allowing its customers to have access to many shows and movies that they stream without running out of data ever.

This plan, however, is not open to Wi-Fi hotspot usage, it limits customers’ streaming to DVD quality of video and also reduced data speeds when the network is congested. However, clients of the home internet provider enjoy unlimited texting to more than 120 countries. They will also enjoy free roaming while Mexico and Canada.

AT&T also has another one of the unlimited internet plans for home options where you pay $55 for one month with AutoPay. You can compare this to the Unlimited and more plans but this has a lower price.

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With these internet providers, there are plans for every budget. The customers planning to spend huge on their home internet and also those on a tight budget are both covered. They also give the option of a price guarantee that does not require a contract. This basically means that the price you pay per month will not go up as long as there is a continuation of services.

That is an offer you do find easily in many of these other internet providers. Again you don’t necessarily have to put your signature on a contract in order to enjoy the offer.

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8. Xfinity Unlimited Internet Data Plan for Top Speeds

This is one of the unlimited internet plans for a home that is available on almost the entire continent. It does cover 41 and more other states while it is strongest in Maryland, Utah, and Illinois.

The internet provider also has impressive speed. Xfinity has got the most consistent speeds from one point to the other. Speeds of 150, 75, and 25 Mbps are readily available to Xfinity customers. Its highest speeds are also worth mentioning where they reach 2 Gbps in some parts of the continent.

They have different plans starting from the speeds of 10 Mbps to 2000 Mbps meaning that you choose which plan is best for you. Xfinity, however, has data caps put in place which are subject to 1 TB of usage per month.

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9. Cox Unlimited Internet Data Plan

The tops speeds for cox reach up to 500 Mbps in other areas. This is even more sufficient for customers going to consume heavy loads of bundles and gamers too. Cox plan prices are very competitive but one thing is evident. The more cash you will cough out for the service the better the services you will receive with crazy speeds of downloads.

In case you live in a huge home, some of the rooms may not be getting the Wi-Fi signals quite well. Cox internet providers, however, give Wi-Fi extenders to their customers that are known as Panoramic Wi-Fi. It covers even the farthest part eliminating the dead zones. The panoramic Wi-Fi is usually available to go with any of the cox packages but you will have to add some $9 monthly.

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10. Frontier Unlimited Internet Data Plan

It is a fiber-optic provider for the internet. It has its arms spread out in seven states. It is the only home internet provider that supplies fiber-optic services in Washington and Oregon. With these plans from Frontier, a router is included at no additional charges.

You could choose to purchase the simple broadband which is their lowest plan and goes with speeds of up to 6Mbps. It is also the cheapest and goes for only $20 per month in case you are on a tight budget.

Internet providers do not also have the option of a contract. This is ideal if you are maybe moving soon or the monthly income goes up. Another thing is that most of the internet providers will raise the prices for their plans after just one year. Frontier, however, guarantees the price you signed up with for a comfortable two years. It is very accommodating if you feel the need to save on your internet bills and if you are planning on moving out any time soon.

Bottom Line

Now that you have discovered the 10 best-unlimited internet plans for home and their providers too, make an effort to select one that suits you best in terms of coverage and speed. If you move to Mexico or Canada a lot, you know the package to go for.

Also, go for one with reliable speeds that also go hand in hand with your budget. Plans that also have bundling options are the best. These are plans that incorporate with them several items like calls, texts, internet bundles, TV programs, etc.

If you enjoyed this, take a look at this other post about free internet plan we have prepared.

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