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How To Get Wifi At Home for Free in 2022 (9 Ways)

There are several ways to solve the problem of how to get free wifi at home without internet. In this article we will tell you how to get wifi at home for free.

Not all of them will be good for you, but read the article to the end and you will find the method that you will definitely need.

How to Get WiFi at Home for Free

There are different methods that you can use for free Wi-Fi in the home. You can use the search for the desired point directly on the site or download the application for Android and iOS to always be in the know where to find a free Internet.

After all, let’s get started with the best ways to get free wifi at home.

  1. Find Open Wi-Fi Hotspots
  2. Ask a Friend to Share an Internet
  3. Use a Free Internet Provided By Your Internet Provider
  4. Public Places
  5. Use One Access Point With Neighbors
  6. Use a More Sensitive Antenna
  7. Satellite Fishing
  8. Connection To The General Line
  9. Dial-Up Connection – Free Dialup Internet

1. Find open Wi-Fi hotspots

Looking for an open-access hotspot is the easiest answer for how to get free internet. Perhaps one of your careless neighbors has not set a password on his Wi-Fi, or maybe there is a café with an open Wi-Fi near your home.

Everyone knows about such a life hack, but not everyone is aware that you can use one of the databases of wi-fi access points, which contain data on hundreds of thousands of WiFi hotspots around the world and allow you to find the hotspot that will satisfy you.

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2. Ask a Friend to Share an Internet

Ask a Friend to Share an Internet | How to get wifi at home for free

If you need access to the network from your phone, but you do not have unlimited data, you can ask your friends to share the unlimited WiFi Internet from their phones so that you can use it. It can be easily done, no matter if they have Android or iOS. Usually, they just click “Turn on hotspot” and you can connect to Wi-Fi.

3. Use a free internet provided by your internet provider

Perhaps you do not know, but your provider may provide you with access to many wi-fi networks throughout the city only because you are its client. It is worth calling support or looking for information on how and where to use free access to the network on the provider’s website.

Try the free trial version of the internet service. Most likely there are providers in your city that provide free access to the Internet for a trial period. Besides, some Internet service providers sometimes provide free time on the Internet, so stay tuned for such promotions. As a rule, this kind of information is indicated on the provider’s website.

During the registration for a particular service, you will most likely be asked to provide your billing information.

WARNING!!! Do not forget to cancel the subscription before the promotion expires, otherwise, you will have to pay the cost of the service.

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4. Public Places

You will be amazed at where you can find free internet. Now wi-fi can be found almost everywhere – at car washes, cafes, shopping centers, libraries. So in any modern city, finding free wi-fi in a public place is not difficult.

5. Use one access point with neighbors

If you have a good relationship with your neighbors, you can connect to the Internet of your local communication provider and share your Internet bill. High-speed Internet access allows several people to use one channel without losing speed.

6. Use a more sensitive antenna

If you live near a busy public place, most likely there is a wonderful source of free wi-fi near you. But not always your device has enough power to connect to wi-fi. Then there is the option to think about buying a more powerful wi-fi adapter.

With it, you will be able to connect to the free Internet at any time. A more powerful adapter will allow you to connect even to those points that were previously unattainable far. Setting up your router is also important.

To use this method, you should follow the instruction below.

So, our scheme will be obscenely simple – we will connect to free, non-password-protected WiFi and distribute it to our computer or laptop. In order to do this as efficiently as possible, you need a special powerful device for receiving a wireless signal.

The main qualities that this device should have are the following:

  1. Ability to work in client mode, which we need in our case. That is, it should have a built-in ability to receive free Internet via WiFi and further distribute it via cable over the local network.
  2. Have a powerful antenna or external output for connecting a separate antenna. This is necessary in order to be able to receive a signal from a maximum distance and with minimal loss in quality.

All these criteria are 100% met by, for example, TP-LINK Pharos CPE510 – it has a powerful built-in antenna and connector for connecting an external one, as well as an operating mode as a “WiFi Client”.
All we need is:

  • Connect the point to a computer or router
  • Set it up so that it can find free WiFi

Ideally, we should know where is a free Wi-Fi hotspot in your area, preferably in a direct line of sight. For example, some cafe or McDonalds. And then we should direct our adapter in its direction. There are some special online services and programs for your phone described above, which allows you to find both freely available and password-protected WiFi, to which you can connect nearby. It can also help you.

But if you don’t know where the nearest free internet distribution point is, then it doesn’t matter – the antenna power will allow you to find as many networks as you have never seen in your life. And after choosing the right one, you can already adjust the placement of Pharos so that it better catches the signal.

As you can see, in order to get free internet in this way to a laptop, computer or phone, no program is needed!

So, install and connect the point to the computer. We put the IP address on the same subnet as the access point on the computer in the settings “Local Area Connection” in the “Network Control Center”. We indicate its IP as a gateway (it is indicated on the device case). For TP-LINK Pharos, these settings will be as follows:

  • IP –
  • Mask –
  • Gateway –

Then we go to the admin panel by typing in the browser the IP address of the access point – the same one that we registered as a gateway. Login and password are also indicated in the case.

In the admin panel, go to the “Quick Setup” section and select one of two operating modes:

  1. Client – in this mode, the point will receive via WiFi and distribute the signal via cable. It is suitable in case you want to get free internet on one computer, or if you already have another router installed, through which a local network is created in the apartment.
  2. Repeater – and here both reception and transmission will be carried out wirelessly. That is, it will be possible to immediately distribute the Internet to all mobile devices and laptops via WiFi without using an additional router.

Next, in the next step, you need to select the network to which you want to connect. If this is a closed network, then we manually enter the SSID and password from it. In our case, you need to click on the button “Survey” to start the search for available networks in the radius of reception.

A list will open in which we need to find the network for which “None” is written in the encryption column, that is, it is open to everyone. Select it and click the “Connect” button.

After the reboot, the hotspot will connect to the selected free WiFi, but there will be no Internet on the computer yet. The fact is that when we connected to the external hotspot of Pharos, we configured the computer’s network card to work with the hotspot and set its IP as a gateway. Now we return all the settings to the “auto” mode.

And enjoy free internet on your laptop via WiFi!

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7. Satellite fishing

Satellite fishing is more a way of entertainment than a real option to have free internet. But still, let us explain how it works.

This method, like hacking a Wi-Fi router, is considered an unlawful act.

The main principle of this Satellite fishing is as follows – the satellite transmits a signal to everyone who fell under its coverage area. And actually, a subscriber’s DVB card cuts off everything unnecessary, catching only what is intended for it.

You will need a set of equipment and a specialized program that will catch the stream, sort the caught files, and put them on your hard drive. The process itself is one-way, that is, you can only receive data that is transmitted. It’s not possible to ask for something of your own. In general, this method is inconvenient and costly.

free internet on your laptop | how to get wifi at home for free

8. Connection to the general line

Now those of us who live in high-rise buildings can observe this picture – several cable channels from different providers through which neighbors are connected are collected in one cable box.

Admit it: at least once, but you had the thought “how to connect to them and get the Internet for free.”

Firstly, most operators use PPPoE protocol, and even if you pick up a cable, nothing will work without a username and password. And if you are lucky and the connection works through Dynamic IP, you will need to install a special proxy server, artfully configure the equipment and pray that the provider does not have a binding to the hardware MAC address. And again, the neighbor will find out that you are connected to his internet cable and will come to you to sort it out. In short, the method is almost non-viable and very time-consuming.

9. Dial-up connection – free dialup internet

Another option that system administrators of large organizations and companies sometimes do for their friends and acquaintances.

In such offices equipment for organizing Dial-UP connections is sometimes found. What they do is just install a modem on some phone numbers. When dialing into it, the caller gets free Internet access.

But, the speed, to put it mildly, is worthless by modern standards – no more than 56 kilobits per second. And again – we need antique DialUp modem and such a system administrator friend is two.

So, these are the methods that can show you how to get wifi at home for free. Some of them work better and some worse. But if you really want to get free internet at home you should try some of them. I am pretty sure that you will find one that will satisfy you.

Of course, you should start by seeking open hotspots near you, it will be the simplest way to get Wi-Fi, as open hotspots are almost everywhere.

But remember to be careful when using public networks without passwords. Never use unprotected networks to do your individual bank operations and it is better not to provide any of your personal data (credit cards, ID number, mobile phone) as it can be used by rogues.

Find the right method for you and enjoy your free Wi-Fi at home!

FAQ Section

Can you make your own Wi-Fi?

Yes, it is possible to create your own Wi-Fi network. First you will need a wireless router. The router is used to send the signal from your internet modem to your devices in your house.

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