How To Get Free TV Without Cable: Satellite Dish, Antenna, Mobile Applications…

How to get free satellite TV with a dish? How many times have we all asked that to ourselves? The good thing is that we have the answer and you are here. Cable bills may involve a huge cut-off from the pocket. In order to avoid such expensive bills, you need to opt for the free satellite TV with a dish that lets you enjoy your favorite shows from the comfort of your couch without being too hard on your pocket. After digging for some time, we have come up with some ways that will help you in enjoying cable TV legally without the need to pay anything. As well as the free satellite TV, you need to know how to get free premium cable channels. Here is a list of options for getting premium cable channels absolutely free of cost:

OTA HDTV Antenna For Free Satellite TV

A wide array of American citizens aims to watch different TV shows with the aid of Over The Air or OTA HDTV antennas. You can avail of them at very low prices. Receiving different premium and basic channels on OTA at absolutely free of cost is dependent on a wide array of parameters such as the distance of the nearest tower from your home. If your home is present within a distance of 35 miles, you will be capable of enjoying the best signal reception.

OTA HDTV Antenna for Free Satellite TV

IN case you are living in close proximity to the broadcast tower, you can make use of an overdrive OTA tuner as well as an attenuator. In addition to this, you can make the best of the infrastructure which is left by the cable TV provider which includes the coaxial cable. It will be useful to you to rig the OTA antenna without a levy investment.

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Mobile Applications For Free TV

Mobile applications for Free TV

You can now make the best use of your smartphone for getting free TV as well as watching premium and basic channels. In lieu, you can connect the TV to the smartphone simply for receiving the premium and basic channels. You will need HDMI or High definition multimedia interface and OTG or On the Go USB adapter cable for the same. The procedure is really simple. All you need to do is follow the directions, as mentioned by the manufacturer of the phone. Few of the Free TV channels you can avail of on your mobile phone are inclusive of HBO Now, Live TV, History Channel, ABC Live TV, cartoon channel, etc. You may download the apps of the channels on your mobile phone for watching the shows of your choice.

Triple Play Systems For Free Satellite TV

Triple Play Systems for Free Satellite TV

You can make use of Triple Play for watching the free and basic TV channels. Triple Play refers to an old technology that enables telecommunication companies to confer landline phones as well as internet at high speed over the singular Fiber Optic cable connection. The service providers of Triple Play are inclusive of cable TV along with a wide array of premium and basic channels.

Roku TV

Roku TV happens to be a small device that is fitted to the TV in order to watch television episodes as well as movies via streaming. It is possible to install and use these devices at ease. You will gain success in accessing more than 200,000 vintages and the latest movies instantly via Roku TV.


The desktop is essentially an application that can be downloaded on the laptop, computer, or Smartphone for watching the premium and basic TV channels with PlayOn. It is essentially a channel that is known to aggregate leading streaming websites. Thus this application offers a simple video streaming interface. It is possible to hook the TV with the laptops, computer, or specific models of the smartphone with the aid of an HDMI port as well as hardware for watching television episodes or movies.

Internet for Free Satellite TV

For getting free premium channels, you can refer to free Internet in the United States which is inclusive of FreedomPop and EVeryone On. However, you require to accomplish specific criteria in order to get free and premium channels. It is considered to be the best option for viewing the premium and basic TV channels after cutting the cord with the DTH provider or cable TV provider. Free internet has reduced speed. However, streaming of the videos may take a longer amount of time for buffering. Still, it is regarded as the best option for seeking access to free and premium TV channels.

How To Get Local Channels Without Cable?

how to get free satellite tv with a dish

Here are some tips for getting local channels without cable. In case you are a member of Amazon Prime, you have the access to Amazon Prime video which is inclusive of a wide array of TB channels and videos. In case you are not an Amazon Prime member, you will be charged the monthly subscription fee of $12.99. One of the top reasons why people refer to Amazon Prime Video in order to watch TV without cable is owing to the fact that you do not require having a streaming device for watching TV or videos. All you require having is an Amazon account as well as a device, which is connected to the World Wide Web.


Netflix is considered to be another alternative for watching TV without cable. You can find the lowest price plan of $7.99 every month in order to watch the TV shows here. Netflix lets you watch shows and movies on two devices in high definition simultaneously.

Sling TV

Sling TV offers thirty programs for watching. You are going to get a plethora of choices as you opt for Sling TV in order to watch the local channels without the cable. Sling TV is recognized to be a streaming service like Hulu or Netflix which can be accessed by internet connectivity. It has earned a high reputation in streaming live TV shows.

Installation of antennas

The installation of antennas is regarded as an effective means for watching TV without cable. The first step here involves connecting the outdoor or indoor antenna. You may consider installing a small indoor antenna that is smaller in size and less imposing, in comparison to the other models, available in the market. The antenna is known to pick up the channels which are broadcasted at a distance of 35 miles. The picture quality and availability are dependent on the location. If you are fond of sports broadcasts or local news, you need to have an antenna.

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How to watch tv without cable or satellite

watch tv without cable

In accordance with studies, a wide array of Americans cancels cable TV every month for bringing a reduction in household costs as well as statistics. If you are tired of the hassles of high subscription fees, it is recommended to watch TV without cable. Here are some ways; you can follow for watching the TV without satellite or cable:

Internet TV

Internet TV is regarded as an effective option for watching TV without cable. Prior to purchasing new devices, it is recommended to check whether the television has the set up for receiving internet streaming from the prime interface. With internet TV, you will gain success in streaming television shows and movies via Hulu Plus and Netflix. However, it will not be extending to any other specialty channel or television.

Apple TV

Apple TV is known to function in a similar way as the television. It functions with the Apple ID for streaming different content across a bundle of Apple devices. In case you are the owner of Apple Computer, iPod or iPad, Apple TV is the most ideal choice.

Google Chromecast

In case you intend to watch TV without any content, you can opt for Google’s Chromecast. It is considered to be the cheapest option, available in the market. It plugs in the HDTV directly with the aid of the HDMI port. After the connection of wireless internet to any device, it is possible to stream content online to the TV. The Chromecast of Google makes use of the computer as the controller. It happens to be the most ideal choice for the students or teenagers, having access to movies or TV, with the aid of the computer. The Chromecast offers high benefits for the sports fan as well. It lets you stream games.

Gaming console

In case you have a Play station, Xbox o Wii, you can make the best use of the same for streaming basic TV as well as movies. The cost of gaming consoles is within the range of $200 to $400. In case you have the latest model, you will be able to gain access to TV streaming via the interface. You need to download the movie channels and TV from the store of the device.

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Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus is considered to be an excellent choice for watching TV without cable. It is known to stream a plethora of network TV and cable TV shows, foreign TV series, old movies.

Omnidirectional antennas

Omnidirectional antennas are known to be designed for intercepting the signals in the horizontal directions in a perfect manner. Such multi-directional antennas are considered to be the best option. As the antennas are known to intercept different signals in the two-dimensional geometric plane, they have the ability to maintain satellite connectivity. They are considered to be more expensive in comparison to directional antennas.


If you want to watch TV without cable or satellite, you can opt for Cable TV. It is recognized to be the largest online video platform. You do not need to invest any money for watching the TV without the satellite or cable.

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