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Free Government Internet and Laptop in 2022 (24 Programs)

Looking for free government internet and laptop? Having your own free government internet and laptop gives you the opportunity to find work online. In addition, having a laptop helps you take free online college courses and even get in touch with groups and networks that could change your life.

In some cases, you can even interact online and check out the news, community events, job fairs, or even watch television. All of these activities can help you save on your electric bill in the long run. No matter what the reason is for you to need a laptop, getting one for free is quite possible now more than ever before.

This is mainly due to all the government organizations intent on helping the underprivileged, making it easy to own a laptop for free. Whether you need free government internet and a laptop for work or for school, there are ways to get these free from the government. This may come as a shock to many people but there are many non-profit or government programs that do provide assistance in giving persons in need their own laptop for free.

Naturally, they don’t give these free laptops out like flyers. The question is how on earth can you get a free laptop from the government? All you need to do is to meet specific criteria for eligibility which qualifies you for a free laptop from one of these organizations. Keep in mind that these programs primarily only allow low-income individuals to get a free laptop so you will need proof that you can’t actually afford one at the moment.

Free Government Internet and Laptop

How to get Free Government Internet and Laptop

With an increase in demand for using laptops, working conveniently with flexible portability and extended battery life has never been easier. From students to the working class, a laptop has become a prerequisite. Of course, your mobile phone helps, but it still is not very flexible to support a working environment and cannot replace the need for a laptop. The only problem is that laptops aren’t very cost-effective and there are many people out there who require a laptop but cannot afford it. However, there are ways by which you can obtain support from the government in getting a free laptop. Even if these ways aren’t going to immediately get you a laptop, they will assist you in moving in the right direction.

To be clear, you can’t call the White House and ask for free government internet and laptop outright. Instead, you need to find out which of the government organizations give away laptops for free. The good news is that nowadays there are more nonprofit organizations than ever before. More and more charities have popped up where there was none before. You can get the help you need and qualify for a free laptop with enough perseverance. All you need to do is gain information and call all the organizations listed here to find out which one is nearest to your home. This will make it convenient to get your own free laptop. For ways to get free internet at home without paying take a look at this post we have prepared.

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1. Avail of Government Assistance For Getting Your Own Laptop

You may or may not be aware that the government has specific programs offering individuals that have low income a free laptop. The question is, are you eligible to receive one? The only way to find out is to call or get in touch with the website called Benefits dot gov and they will assist you in finding out whether or not you meet the eligibility requirements for your own state to become a laptop beneficiary.

2. Get A Free Laptop From Freecycle

A network of businesses and people, Freecycle gives away freebies to individuals that need them more. This is a worldwide organization and it won’t be hard finding a chapter working nearby. Use the Freecycle site to see if anyone is giving away laptops or computers with no charge. You can post in the listings and explain the reason you need a laptop for free. Wait for other members to reply to your listing and see where it goes from there.

3. Get Free Internet and A Refurbished Laptop From PCs For People

PCs For People is another nonprofit organization that gives away free refurbished laptops for those that need it the most. Qualified recipients are able to get laptops that are complimentary. This organization donates computers that have Windows 10 licensed copies since it is a refurbishing organization registered with Microsoft. All you need to do is to get on their website and see if you meet their eligibility requirements to get a laptop for free. The best part is that this organization even offers free unlimited internet plan for eligible applicants. Make sure you look at the list and see if you can avail of free internet from this organization.

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4. Get A Laptop For Free From St Vincent De Paul

In the United States, you may be able to get a free laptop from a not-for-profit organization called St Vincent De Paul. This organization is well-known for providing furniture to families in need, free of charge. On the website, there is a page that has a section called Get Assistance Here. When you scroll through that list you will find all the services and assistance offered by St Vincent De Paul. Click the location you happen to be at the moment.

They will direct you to your own state’s St Vincent De Paul. You will be able to find out about all the available services you can get for free in the place you live in. Inform them of your need and you never know, you may be able to avail of a free laptop in the soonest possible moment.

5. Get A Free Laptop From United Way

United Way is a nonprofit organization that provides assistance on a huge array of topics through its program called 2-1-1. This foundation connects you to local resources in your own state. This is a confidential, free service that will help get you a laptop for free in your area. All you need to do is to get on their website called United Way dot org.

6. Get A Free Laptop From The One Laptop Per Child Foundation

One Laptop Per Child Foundation

The foundation called One Laptop Per Child aims to provide kids with their own low-power, low-cost rugged laptop. The mission is to empower each child with technological education to be able to compete with the rest of the world. Their belief is that education is a right and not a privilege and the foundation in which all other goals of achievement are based. This organization aims to provide quality education as an equal opportunity and that includes having a laptop. Get in touch with the website One Laptop Per Child to see how you can avail of your very own free laptop.

7. Natural Disaster Relief Sometimes Involves Getting A Free Laptop

If you live in a state that has a lot of hurricanes or snowstorms, or any extreme weather conditions for that matter, you may be entitled to get a free laptop. If you were involved in a wildfire and lost your belongings including your laptop, for instance, all you need to do is to visit Disaster Assistance dot gov to avail of a free laptop.

8. Your State Department of Social Services Could Help You Get Your Own Laptop

Each and every state has its own respective Department of Social Services. In some states, this department might be called the Department of Human Services. This department has a lot of information about which non-profit organizations or local programs are giving away free laptops at the moment. They can inform you about which department to get in touch with so that you get your own laptop for free. There may even be some departments that offer a discount. Knowing which ones offer free laptops and which ones offer discounts will help you decide which options you prefer and which services you want to avail of at the moment.

9. Get A Free Laptop From The Alliance For Technology Refurbishing And Reuse

In states and cities of the United States, this organization provides people in need with free laptops. Once you get on the website, you will see a map that pinpoints your own locator. This map will give you access to the particular groups in your state which provides people in need with free laptops.

10. Get A Free Laptop From An Online Public School

Students that prefer to attend school from home can inform their public school and may be able to avail of a free laptop. This is a great option for those that don’t feel confident about homeschooling but prefer to go to school from their homes. This is also a great option for kids that are unable to attend regular school for certain reasons.

Keep in mind that when you enroll in an online college or public school, you may be able to use the laptop they send you from the comfort of your own house. However, after you finish the term and get your degree, the school may require that you give the laptop back so that other students can use them and have a turn.

11. Get A Free Laptop From Get Causes

One charity group called Get Causes accepts computers and laptops donations so that they can give them to people who need them for free. The eligibility requirements to get a free laptop from getting Causes to include if you were a veteran or member of the military, you can get a free laptop. If you live in a battered woman’s shelter, you will also be eligible for a free laptop. Those that have proof that they are part of a low-income family can also receive a free laptop from With Causes.

All you need to do to find out if you can possibly get a laptop is to fill out the form online on their website. You can explain what situation you are in and why you specifically need a laptop on the form. Find out if receiving a laptop for free from With Causes will have an effect on any other benefits assistance you may be getting from the government.

12. Get A Free Laptop From Computers With Causes

Computers With Causes has operations in all fifty United States and can assist you in getting a laptop for free. This organization collects computers as donations from people that don’t want them anymore to give away to those that do. Specifically, this organization donates computers to educational programs and to foster homes. They also give away free laptops to households in need, returning members of the military as well as to underprivileged kids. The primary objectivity of Computers With Causes is to make sure that the computers go to the people that need them the most.

13. Get A Free Laptop From Opportunities Necessary to Increase Technology AKA ONIT

One group providing Americans with free laptops is called ONIT. In order to qualify for a free laptop, you need to live in the United States and have children who live there as well. Your child needs to be enrolled in a K-12 school and be enrolled for a reduced or free lunch at school. The reason is that ONIT needs to know that you really don’t have enough income for a free laptop. All the instructions you need to apply for your own free laptop are on the website of ONIT.

14. Get A Free Laptop From The Open Education Database

If you attend specific colleges online, you may be able to get an iPad or laptop for free. In the event you apply and qualify, check to see if the tuition costs were not hiked up to make up for your free gadgets. Make sure to check which schools really do offer free laptops or computers for college. You can find a list of colleges online that give away free computers when you check the Open Education Database website. This makes it easier for you to avail of free government internet and laptop in the event you are attending college online.

15. The On It Foundation for Free Laptop

Standing for Opportunities Necessary to Increase Technology, this organization understands how important computers are for your child’s development. Thus, this organization provides free computers to all the students of the United States. The following conditions must be met:

  1. The student must be in grade K-12.
  2. The student must attend a public school.
  3. The student must reside in the United States.
  4. The student must receive a free or reduced school lunch

Applying to the On It foundation involves the parent or guardian of the child writing a ‘Letter of Request’ with their signature to the organization with the following mentioned:

  1. The name of the student:
  2. The age of the student:
  3. The grade of the student:
  4. The name of the school attended:
  5. The address of the school:
  6. The phone number of the school:
  7. The name of the parent or guardian:
  8. The address of the parent or guardian:
  9. The phone number of the parent or guardian:

Even if you do not qualify for a free computer, the organization will give you huge discounts with their Jump On It! Program.

16. The United Way 211

This program also deals with helping people in need to find resources. Two of their key focus areas are education and financial aid. They follow the concept of charitable giving, where they accept any donations to help those in need. This organization can thus guide you through the correct path in getting a computer.

17. The Goodwill organization

With a motive to change lives and secure employment opportunities, this organization will do anything to support the underprivileged and the people who succumb to the lack of opportunities. They accept several donations to help the ones in need. For getting a laptop from this organization, it is likely that if they find you truly in need, they will give you a voucher that can assist you in the task. This voucher can either assist you in getting a laptop for free or get one with huge discounts. You can locate your nearest goodwill store with the following link: https://www.goodwill.org/locator/

18. Everyone on

Promoting digital learning, this organization acknowledges the importance of a computer in an individual’s life. Known for providing low-cost Internet service providers for both individuals and families, they also provide affordable or no-cost computers.

Even if they cannot immediately grant you the possession of a laptop, they have a broad range of networks and contacts by which they can help you get a laptop.

19. Salvation Army

if an organization knows how to aptly measure the needs of the people, it is surely the Salvation Army. It invests in its communities to make a difference. Accepting donations on a large scale, this organization has been making a difference for many lives in the United States. The Salvation Army also assists the people in need with vouchers to obtain necessary products at bare minimal expenses. Find your nearest local salvation army store at https://centralusa.salvationarmy.org/usc/location-search/

20. Notebooks for Students

The Notebooks for Students program offers various schemes for students attending Primary School, High School, College, Homeschool & BYOD  to easily have access to laptops. Commonly known for providing huge discounts to students, they suggest the best customizable packages to the students appropriate to their grades. NFS also provides bulk sales to organizations dedicated to human resources and educational development. The website of this organization is:- https://notebooksforstudents.org/

21. Komputers 4 R Kids

This is a non-profit organization that provides laptops for South California Kids. It gets its funding from donations, businesses, and companies. It provides computers to schools at a minimal cost and also grants it to kids for free and as gifts. Along with this, it also serves households that might in need of such favors. The goal of this organization is to make education easier for kids by creating computer labs and encouraging research. More information can be found here: https://www.socallinuxexpo.org/scale7x/dotorg/komputers-4-r-kids.html

22. Uncle Sam Non-Profit for free Laptop

For families with low income, Uncle Sam is known to provide free laptops. Along with free laptops, Uncle Sam also provides discounted Internet and other technological assistance.

23. Rewards with Gift Cards:

Applications like Quick Rewards, Perk, Earn Honey, Gift Hunter Club, InstaGC, etc. are known to provide gift cards for the completion of tasks. The user gets paid to complete tasks such as Shopping, Surfing the Internet, taking surveys, and watching videos. These rewards often translate into gift cards which can be redeemed at many e-commerce websites like Amazon. With this, you can purchase a laptop with your free gift card.

24. Technology for the Future:

A youth-led organization, technology for the future empowers college students across America and supports them in their dreams. They believe that kids are the future of the world and hence, they provide them with free laptops for better education. The members are not only equipped with laptops but also with digital resources and immense support. The motto of the organization is to “Open doors to new opportunities in the future”. They are well-connected with tech organizations Google and Microsoft. People can also donate their old assets that can be carried forward with the necessary repair. They accept laptops and other electronic equipment for the same purpose. They also provide teachers with such opportunities. Here is the website for more details: https://technologyforthefuture.org

Other Aid You Can Get From The Government

  1. Grants– Under this benefit, the government offers a certain sum of money for a specific purpose. There are over 1000 Government grant programs that are in collaboration with states and organizations aiding people qualifying under various criteria. Education & Research and Health is one area in which one can receive grants for obtaining a free laptop.
  2. Education and Training– Under this benefit, funding is provided for educational activities and the development of institutions. It facilitates training programs and International Student Exchanges. Many Scholarships programs and educational loans are also included in this benefit. Since laptops are commonly involved in the Education sector, with this benefit, one can receive a laptop.
  3. Employment and Career development– This benefit helps many aspirants gain assistance in their training and internships. They provide Work Therapy, Unemployment assistance, Research Opportunities, Veteran Opportunities, and Unemployment Insurance.
  4. Financial assistance– With Loan Repayment Programs, Mortgage Insurance, Family Assistance, Unemployment Insurance, Living Assistance, Tax Assistance, Temporary Assistance Program, Opportunity Tax Credit Program. These programs can assist in receiving a laptop.
  5. Disaster Relief – Under this benefit, the programs included are: Wildlife and Hurricane Indemnity Program, Business Physical Disaster Loans, Relief with Casualties, Disasters and Theft, Crisis Counselling Assistance, Crop Insurance, Recovery Centre, Disaster Unemployment Assistance, and Economic Injury Relief. Qualification for this benefit will provide one assistance for receiving a free laptop.
  6. American Indian and Alaska Native– The Programs included in this benefit are Indian Children Assistance, Bureau of Indian Affairs and Financial Assistance,  Direct home loans for Natives, Indian Child and Family Education, Indian Higher Education Grant Program, and Indian Home Loan Program. This benefit will help any Native or American Indian to receive a free laptop from the government.
  7. Family and Children’s Services– This benefit offers the following programs: Adoption Programs, Head Start, Early Start, Child Resource, Developmental Funds, Support Enforcement, and Services for survivors. This benefit helps many families receive a free laptop from the government.

You can check whether you qualify for any benefits related to receiving a laptop under these categories. Even if you cannot obtain a laptop directly from these categories, the government funds many organizations and departments that can help you out. For this, visit the state government’s official website that is: https://www.usa.gov/states-and-territories. This website will help you get access to your state’s ‘Department of Social and Health Services’.

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FAQ Section

Does the government pay for the Internet?

No, the government does not pay for the internet entirely. However since Covid, the Biden administration has been providing low income households with a $50 grant to cover the cost of internet.


Information is key when it comes to trying to get free government internet and laptop. The good news is that if you live in the United States there are more ways than ever to avail of free government internet and laptop without much fuss. All you need to do is to meet eligibility requirements and you may be able to get your laptop the very next day free of charge! The best part is that free government internet and laptop will enable you to do so much more than if you didn’t have these things. Once your free laptop and internet arrive, you will now be able to work online, apply for jobs, do tasks for cash, become more informed, and even go to online school. Indeed, getting your own free government internet and laptop really is a game-changer.

These are government programs, assisted departments, and non-profit organizations that can completely aid you in receiving a free laptop. It may seem like a struggle in the beginning, but don’t get too disheartened. Even if your total fee is not waived off, your path is bound to become smooth with the given ways. The government understands the necessity of being equipped with the necessary technical skills, and along with providing aids like Medicaid and SNAP, they try to provide assistance to everybody in need. With the laptop, you can now expect a lot of difficulties leaving your path and your productivity becoming more enhanced.

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