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How to Apply for Verizon Wireless Service Online [Easy Methods]

In the 21st century, Verizon is the 2nd largest wireless service provider in the U.S and it boasts 156.1 million subscribers in June 2019. It is just behind AT&T with 159.7 million subscribing. In case you want to get a wireless plan then stay with us because you will learn everything about the available Verizon wireless plans and how to apply for them. It is very important to choose the right plan for yourself if you don’t want to regret it after that. If you want to know how to apply for Verizon wireless service online, then you are in the right place.

You might be in little hesitation and confusion due to the higher prices of Verizon. Verizon is probably the best carrier in the united states and you will get what you spend for. It is the most reliable and fastest network available in the country. It is an investment that you won’t regret in the future. If you want to apply for Verizon wireless plans online then here is good news for you because we have included an in-depth review and user guide for your help.

Let’s check out ingesting and useful facts about the Verizon plans and how to apply for Verizon wireless service online:

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How to Apply for Verizon Wireless Service Online

apply for verizon wireless service online

Step 1: Go to the Verizon wireless site and press the sign-in button and go to my account section.

Step 2: Insert the user id and mobile number that contains 10 digits and enter the password. Now click on the sign-in button.

Step 3: Now you can apply for any of the available plans of Verizon wireless.

Step 4: After choosing the plan, all you need to do is to follow the given instructions.

Step 5: Pay for the respective plan.

Step 6: You will get the notification on your email id and mobile number after the successful application.

How to Check the approval of Verizon wireless plans

Step 1: You should turn off your cell phone.

Step 2: Pull out the battery from your mobile and try to jot down the number (ESL). This number includes the 11 digits and presented on the rear side of the mobile beneath your phone.

Step 3: Change the battery and keep in mind that your phone is charged fully.

Step 4: Call customer service on number 888-294-6804. enter your 10-digit number when asked.

Step 5: Give the ESN number when asked by the representative and reply to all security relative questions asked.

Step 6: Turn off the phone as per instructions of representative and turn on the telephone a dial *228. Click on the send or call button.

Step 7: Power down your phone, per the customer service representative’s instructions, and then turn it back on and dial *228. Hit “Send” or press whatever button your phone requires to initiate the call.

Step 8: Press 1 and listen to music.

Step 9: You will get a message that tells “activation successful” and also will hear the beep.

After successfully registration you need to choose a plan for yourself. Therefore, you should know everything about the plan you are going to use:

All important information about the Verizon plans are given below:

1. Prepaid wireless plan by Verizon:

It is a single line plan that starts at $30/month and it can reach up to $65/month. The good thing about this plan is that there is no contact and credit check. If you chose the autopay then you will get $5 off on plans.

Here is the complete list of this plan:

1Gb data (high speed) at $30/month.
6Gb data (high speed) at $35/month.
16Gb data (high speed) at $45/month.

These plans are only available in the unites states. However, if you want to use it in Mexico and Canada, then you can upgrade it for just $45 and $65 plans. These plans are very good for those who want faster, reliable yet affordable plans.

2. Multi-line prepaid family plan by Verizon:

If you want multiple lines and prepaid networks. You can choose these plans for better speed and reliability.


1GB plan at $30 (without discount)
6GB plan at $30 more ($10 discount)
16GB plan at $35 more ($15 discount)
unlimited plan at $50 ($20 discount)

However, keep in mind that you have to pay the additional activation fee with these plans.

3. Limited postpaid wireless Verizon plans:

The main difference between the prepaid and postpaid plans of Verizon is that in postpaid plans you need to sign a contract with these.

Here is the complete list of the postpaid plans:

Small postpaid plan: 2 Gb for $35/month.
Medium postpaid: 4Gb for $50/month.
Large postpaid: 8Gb for $70/month.

4.Unlimted plan by Verizon wireless:

This is an unlimited data plan by Verizon and a complete list of these plans are given below:


Start plan: 480p streaming with no hotspot at just $70.
Play more: 25Gb premium data, 720p video streaming, and no hotspot.
Do more: 480P streaming, 50 GB premium data, and 15 Gb hotspot.
Get more: $90/month and 75 premium data,30Gb hotspot and 720p streaming.


In brief, we are living in a digital world and the internet is our daily need. We cannot even think of living without the internet. The best way to surf the internet is to serf via fats and reliable wireless service providers. The Verizon is undoubtedly the most reliable and fastest wireless internet service provider in the unites states of America. It comes after AT&T in terms of the number of subscribers. There are many plans available by Verizon, from which you can easily choose your desired plan. It is very important for you to choose only that plan that can fulfill your requirements.  You can choose the desired plan from our list and we also included all the step by step process of applying and checking the application of wireless plans by Verizon.

We hope that our in-depth review and user’s guide was helpful for you in some ways.

So, do you want a fast and reliable network? Then don’t think twice. Go for Verizon and you won’t regret it.

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