Top 10 Best Business Phone and Internet Providers

You would probably know the fastest animal on the earth which is a cheetah. The fastest bird is a peregrine falcon. But did you know that which is the fastest internet provider? Well, you will definitely know that very soon. Speed is one of the most important factors when it comes to the internet service provider because you need a high-speed internet for downloading files, stream videos, playing online games, run simulation software, etc. However, one more factor is also very important besides speed and it is reliability. It is very much possible that you might be wondering which internet provider is best for you? and which internet provider is most reliable? And which are the best business phone and internet providers?

Well, there is no need to worry because we have included an in-depth review and user’s guide on the top 10 best business phone and internet providers.

10 Best Business Phone and Internet Providers


We researched and compared the business and high-speed internet service providers to discover the true speed and reliability of these. We will cover almost every factor from download speed to affordability and from overall reach to offered deals or offers. We have categorized the business phone systems and internet service providers in different categories.

business phone and internet providers

So, without any delay, let’s start off.

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1. Verizon Fastest Business Phone and Internet Service:

  • It offers symmetric upload speed and downloads internet speed up to 500Mbps.
  • It is very reliable due to the near gigabit fiber internet connection.
  • The customer ran vice is just awesome.
  • It is not a true 1000 Mbps plan.
  • It comes with 2 years contract with the automatic renewal.

Verizon is one of the most popular and reputed business internet speed and mobile business phone providers. Verizon is undoubtedly a market leader for decades due to its reliable performance and dedication towards its customers. However, you would already know that Verizon offers few DSL plans with speed not more than 25Mbps. In case you want higher speed connection then you can opt for the Verizon fiber plans, with the added FiOS which is a near gigabit connection.

It will give you downloading speed upload speed up to the 880 Mbps and up to 940 Mbps. It is near the 1000 Mbps mark and is the lightning fast speed I really mean. Another factor that attracts most pf the customers to Verizon is its reputation. No one can match the reputation of Verizon because this is comparable.

The fastest plan of the Verizon is available at $215/month and it is a little bit expensive for small-sized businesses. However, it is much better than Comcast because it costs about $500 for near Gigabit speed. You will get symmetric speed on most of the Verizon business internet plans which simply means that you will get the same speed while downloading and uploading the files. It also comes with one grip contract which is somewhat different from the AT&T and Spectrum because there are no free plans but you have to sign a 24 months contract. This plan will renew after the 2 years automatically. However, you can pay the $5 to $20 for no-contract plans.

Here is the complete list of plans and download speed:

Verizon Plans:

The Verizon plans 

  Initial monthly fee

   Downloading/uploading speed. 

Business Gigabit Connection by Verizon 


940 Mbps

Business Internet 500 by Verizon


500 Mbps

Business Internet 300 by Verizon


300 Mbps

Business Internet 150 by Verizon


 150 Mbps

Overall, Verizon offers its users an interesting set of high-end speed internet plans that are suitable with the business and organizations of any size.

The bottom line: Verizon Fios offers an impressive array of high-speed internet plans to fit businesses of just about any size.

2. Frontier Business Phone and Internet Provider:

  • It offers symmetric upload speed and downloads internet speed up to 500Mbps.
  • It is very reliable due to the near gigabit fiber internet connection.
  • The customer ran vice is just awesome.
  • It is not a true 1000 Mbps plan.
  • It comes with 2 years contract with the automatic renewal.

If you are a little worried about the expensive plans, you can opt for the frontier high-speed internet plans. If you run small business or institution then cost-effectiveness should be in the first priority of your selection criteria.

Frontier communication offers fast internet service but at a very affordable price. If you are tight on budget then you can choose them.  It is one of the best small business high-speed internet connection.

Frontier connection offers the high speed integrated and comprehensive voice solution for the corporations and business of any size.

It offers symmetric fiber optic internet plans all over the country and you can also opt for Anywhere Voip for fast and reliable voice communication.

Frontier Plans:

The frontier plans Initial monthly fee

Downloading/uploading speed.

Frontier Business FiOS $174.99 150 Mbps
Frontier Business “Extreme” DSL $139.99 40 Mbps
Frontier Business FiOS $84.99 75 Mbps
Frontier Business FiOS $59.99 50 Mbps
Frontier Business FiOS $49.99 30 Mbps

Overall, it is cheaper and fast internet service, provider. Therefore, if you want an affordable fast network then it should be on top of your list.

3. AT&T Most Suitable Business Phone and Internet Provider:

  • It offers gigabit-speed symmetric connections.
  • Its plans are contract-free.
  • It offers a very wide range of DSL and fiber optic plans.
  • Fiber availability is limited.
  • Plans are very pricey.

In case, you want to buy the fastest internet plans for your business then you should opt for AT&T. It delivers up to 1 Gbps both uploading and downloading speed. Besides the Business, fiber plans their DSL plans are also very fast. You’ll easily get 500Mbps symmetric speed with these plans. In case of fiber is not available in your area then you can opt for DSL plans because they are also very fast. It also offers the business phone at a very affordable price.

AT&T fiber plans are contract-free but you have to sign a 12 months contract while opting for the Sl plans.

AT&T Plans:

The AT&T  plans     Initial monthly fee Downloading/uploading speed
Business DSL 50 by AT&T    $60 50 Mbps
Business Fiber 50 by AT&T    $85

50 Mbps

Business DSL 100 by AT&T  $115

100 Mbps

Business Fiber 100 by AT&T   $140 100 Mbps
Business DSL 500 by AT&T    $250 500 Mbps
Business Fiber 500 by AT&T 


 500 Mbps
Business Fiber 500s by AT&T    $450   500 Mbps
Business Fiber 1000 by AT&T   $500    1,000 Mbps
Business Fiber 1000s by AT&T    $650 1,000 Mbps

4. Comcast Best Reliable IPS Fast Speed Business Phone and Internet Provider:

  • Extremely reliable internet connection.
  • It offers Symmetric internet fiber speed.
  • It offers competitive business plans.
  • Access to fiber plans is limited.

There are lots of mixed reviews regarding the service of this network provider.

Undoubtedly, Comcast is the most reliable internet provider in the united states of America. It has the strongest uptime guarantee which is 99.99% on any IPS service. It offers 1Gpbs symmetric speed. However, this is not an affordable network provider and its plans are matched against AT&T and Verizon.

It comes with 30 days of the trial period and zero cost installation. There are tons of free apps, software and Wi-Fi tools with plans.

Overall, it is the best internet service provider for those who want a very reliable network connection.

Comcast Plans:

The Comcast plans Initial monthly fee    Downloading/uploading speed.
1 Gig Business Internet $60 50 Mbps
Internet Deluxe 250 $85 50 Mbps
Internet Deluxe 150 $115 100 Mbps
Internet Deluxe 75    $140 100 Mbps

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5. Viasat Perfect Business Phone and Internet Provider in Rural Areas:

  • It offers very fast satellite speeds.
  • It also offers a wide range of speeds.
  • There is no limit on data usage.
  • Low uploading speeds due to the satellite.
  • Single-speed throttling.

It is only one internet service provider on our list that is based on satellite. It available all over the country which makes it perfect for rural areas where normal internet service providers can’t reach. It is the perfect combination of availability and speed. You will easily get speed from 35Mbps to 100Mbps.  Its high-end satellite technology decreases the connection issues that may occur in the rural area.

Viasat Plans:

The Viasat plans Initial monthly fee

Downloading/uploading speed

100 Mbps Unlimited   $500 100 Mbps
100 Mbps Unlimited   $300 60 Mbps
35 Mbps Unlimited $175 35 Mbps

6. Spectrum Best No Contract Cable Internet Service Provider:

  • There is no contract with this plan.
  • You will get high speed at a comparatively low price.
  • There is a special pack for the restaurant and bars.
  • It is difficult to get fiber access.
  • Upload speed is sluggish.
  • Customer satisfaction is low.

If you want a seamless connection at affordable prices for the long term then this internet service provider is ideal for you. You will get 400 Mbps data with no contract. Spectrum is a cable network provider and it is available all most every part of the united states. Your internet connection will be received via the same cable that is used for TV connection. There are five types of speed cables 400,300,200,100, and 60. with every plan you will get different upload and download speed. Fastest plan cable 400 is available at only $109.99/month which is very affordable for small businesses. You will get an impressively fast speed of 100Mbps without any contract.

Spectrum Plans:

The Spectrum plans Initial monthly fee   Downloading/uploading speed.
Business 60 by Spectrum     $59.99

   60 Mbps

Business 100 by Spectrum       $59.99 100 Mbps
Business 200 by Spectrum      $89.99

  200 Mbps

Business 300 by Spectrum $109.99 300 Mbps
Business 400 by Spectrum  $109.99 400 Mbps

7. CenturyLink Most Affordable Business Internet Service Provider: 

It is ideal for small-sized business and institutions because it is very affordable yet offer very high speeds. It is available all over us and it offers a business internet connection at 10Mbps at just only $60. However, if you want better speed then you can opt for a 100Mbps plan at just $104.99.

It is ideal for video conferencing, low priority emailing, web browsing, and many more.

  • It is very affordable.
  • Ideal for business.
  • Both DSL and Fiber plans are available.
  • Speed is not near-gigabit.

CenturyLink Plans:

The CenturyLink plans Initial monthly fee Downloading/uploading speed
DSL connection $65.00–$104.99 per month 10–100 Mbps
Fiber connection $85–$140 per month 50 Mbps–1 Gbps

8. Optimum Business Internet Service Provider:

  • It is ideal for small businesses and rural areas.
  • It is comparatively cheaper.
  • It is not very reliable.

This is a very affordable television cable service that also offers high speed TV internet high speed TV internet connection. It is available all over the united states of America. It is suitable for small businesses and organizations.

9. Suddenlink Business Internet Provider:

  • It offers very fast service.
  • Near gigabit speed.
  • Widespread reaches all over the united states.
  • There are limited plans available.

It is a television, home security, internet provider, and phone network provider company. It delivers internet speed from 50 Mbps to 1Gbps according to your plans. It is one of the fastest and affordable service providers with good reach.

10. Windstream Business Internet Service Provider:

  • It is an affordable yet fast internet service.
  • It is available all over the country.
  • Suitable for emailing and web surfing.
  • Plans are limited.

Windstream is a known name in this company to offer many services besides internet service providing. Its plan is affordable yet reliable. It is perfect for the emailing, surfing and max plan is perfect for heavy gaming and video streaming. Basically, two plans regular and Max plan is available.


In brief, we are living in a digital age and the internet is an essential thing that is an integral part of our daily lives. We can’t imagine a single day without an internet connection. Therefore, reliability and speed are very crucial for any internet connection. There are many business mobile internet service providers present in the market. Each has its own pros and cons. Therefore, it is very obvious that you might be a little confused over choosing the right one for you. However, you can choose a perfect internet service provider that can fulfill your needs. We have enlisted only the best of the best service provider on our list.

We hope that our in-depth review was helpful to you in some ways.

So, which internet service provider you find most appealing? Please tell us about that.

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