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AT&T WiFi Plans for Low Income Families

AT&T is one of the country’s major internet service provider. This internet service provider announced and committed to providing internet for low income families at a lower price. So they have announced a new program to get a connection with the low income American in the internet service to make sure they are getting the same facilities.

Today AT&T is offering low-cost wireline home internet service and it is really good news for the low income families. In the age of information technology, internet has been basic needs and the cost of internet may be a little bit higher. In case you are in urgent need of low-cost income, AT&T is the right place now to offer you internet connection. So you have some criteria to follow the cheap internet from AT&T.

Best AT&T Low Income WiFi Plans

at&t low income wifi

The first condition to get low-cost internet from AT&T is you have to be a resident and participates in the U.S. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. This is also called SNAP.

Surely you need to live in the area where AT&T’s state service is available. You may need to check out AT&T’s 21 state fixed internet service within the last six months or outstanding debt which was incurred under this program.

In the case of living in California, you should be at least one member of your household who receives supplemental security income benefits. There is an SSI program that provides different benefits to the poor people on demand. In case your family members get benefits from Social security income, you are entitled to get low-income internet access from AT&T.

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What service of the internet is possible from AT&T?

It is needless to say that there are different plans and offers from AT&T. these plans and offers are fully designed for low-income people. They just pay a minimum cost of the internet and get full facilities as other costly plans of the internet.

These plans include- 

  • 10 Megabits per second at the rate of $10 monthly
  • 5 Megabits per second at the rate of $10 monthly
  • 3 Megabits per second at the rate of $5 monthly
  • 5 Megabits per second at the rate of $5 per month
  • 768 Kilobits per second at a rate of $5 per month.

Features of these plans

There are some hot features of these plans for the people who want to go with AT&T. most commonly there is no commitment fee or no deposit. Surely these requirements are common from the renowned internet service provider. Additionally in house Wi-Fi installation is completely free with the entire national AT&T Wi-Fi hotspot network.

How to get the internet for low income families

There are three steps to reach the offer and it is easy to go. This is a complete guideline through which you can get the opportunity that waits for you.

Check the availability

First of all, you have to check the availability in your location of the internet service for the low income families. So you will get a box where you need to fill-up the form with the necessary information. This information includes street address, Apartment or unit number and ZIP code.

Apply for access

When you are entitled according to your location, you have to go with the next steps which is applying for access. So you need to click on apply now through which you will be your confirmation number to make sure they can track you. So forth, you will have the option to get check status and go onward.

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Order Access

When your application is approved and you are notified that you are entitled to this offer, you may call them to get started. This is a simple process indeed.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Question)

Though here are some simple processes to go with the internet offers for the low income families. There is surely some question that you may ask to know. These questions are-

Q. What is the name of the internet program for low income families or households?

Ans: Surely the program has the name and its name is the Access program from AT&T that provides Access program from AT&T for low-cost option. This access program is highly-designed for the low income access in the 21 states where wireline internet service from AT&T is available.

Q. Can I apply for the Access program from AT&T at a local AT&T Store?

Ans: There is no option to get an access program from AT&T at a local AT&T store. This is possible to get access through the AT&T website to make sure you can provide your related information such as your name, address and other information on the Application form. If you face any problem, you contact an AT&T representative by phone at 855.220.5211.

Q. If I am approved, when does my access program AT&T start?

Ans: Surely it’s good news for when you are approved following the criteria. So your service under the access program will start when your access from AT&T order is finished. This can be on the following day you are going to call in to make sure you are activating your discount. Additionally, the customer service representative is out there to help you do the right thing.

Q. Does this offer apply to wireless (Cellular internet service)

Ans: In fact, it is not about that sense. This is an offer that is designed to wireline home internet service under the giant internet service provider AT&T. this program is available in more than 21 state service areas. To get entitled, you need to know those states and make sure you are eligible following the criteria.

Final Verdict

Though the internet price is going up rapidly, you have still a way to use internet at a lower rate. This is possible when you are from very low income families and follow some requirements asked by the AT&T internet service provider. More importantly, the SNAP program is really praiseworthy initiative to make sure you are able to use the internet for home entertainment, research and other purposes the same as other internet service providers are providing internet service at a high price.

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