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AT&T Business Internet Review: Plans and Pricing 2021

Running businesses today needs a fast and reliable internet connection. With fiber plan options of up to 1 Gig per second and an assured uptime of 99.9%, you can rely on att business internet to get your small business connected fast. The ISP only compares to Spectrum business internet in providing no contract fiber plans with affordable plans starting at $40 per month. We were able to rank AT&T for best customer service after running through numerous credible online customer reviews and satisfaction ratings.

Our research finds that AT&T business internet provides an outstanding and competitively priced range of basic plans suitable for small businesses. The no-contract packages at at&t business notwithstanding, a small footprint of fiber internet and costly high-speed plans should make you want to shop around to be confident that you are buying the right internet package for your business.

AT&T Business Internet: Plans, Speeds, & Pricing

att business internet

In this review, we will be looking into various aspects of AT&T’s internet services. In this way, we hope to help you decide whether the AT&T business internet is worth considering for your company’s online needs.

AT&T Business Internet: Excellent for New and Small Businesses

A new business will have marginal internet needs, which increase with time. If you are looking at a couple of connected devices, speeds in the range of 25 to 50 Mbps can probably cater to your online needs. With 25 Megabytes per second, you can provide reliable Wi-Fi to your employees and customers, and download large files. You should be able to conduct video conferences with your business partners and clients, as well as stream videos without interruption at 50 Mbps.

However, should your needs exceed this basic necessities-such as connecting many users or devices and running high-functioning cloud computing services or software as a service (SaaS), -you will need access to higher internet speeds. It means that the AT&T business may not be the best option for your business, thanks to their costlier premium packages.

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Essential Things To Consider About AT&T Business Internet

AT&T is a worldwide telecom corporation with the most revenue of any global communications company. The organization provides TV, phone, and high-speed internet services across the world. In its capacity as a business ISP, AT&T can offer wide-ranging products and services to businesses of any size. Even though AT&T’s internet plans have a lot to like, the company is not perfect for every business. For that reason, we do not recommend treating it as a one-size-fits-all option for business internet.

Here is what our research on att business internet revealed, both the good and the downsides.

  • Excellent value for basic plans
  • Cost-free online security software and support
  • Fiber plans with no contract
  • Unrestricted cloud storage and data usage
  • DSL plans with a free self-installation option
  • Expensive premium speed plans
  • Fiber availability is limited

AT&T Business Internet: Plans, Pricing, & Speed Breakdown

You can choose from two major types of service when considering AT&T for your internet needs;

  • DSL high-speed internet
  • Fiber-optic internet

AT&T DSL Business Internet Plans

The table below gives a breakdown of AT&T’s DSL business internet packages from the highest to the lowest.


Monthly Price

Download Speeds

Internet 500

$300 500 Mbps

Internet 100

$150 100 Mbps
Internet 50 $100

50 Mbps

Internet 25 $60

25 Mbps

N/B: The speeds and pricing are current as at publishing, but can change at any time. The offers may not apply in all regions.

DSLs are an upgrade from dial-up connections. Unlike the latter, DSL-class connections rely on phone lines to deliver both television and internet services at different speeds. AT&T DSL plans, also called high-speed internet plans, are the foundation of the organization’s business internet services.

For $60 per month, you can get basic speeds from the standard Internet 25. You should consider the plan if low cost is your essential requirement, and your business does not need fast internet connectivity. With the internet plan, you can download files and create a primary Wi-Fi connection for you and several employees. Also, this level of internet connection can allow you to set up a simple AT&T Wi-Fi hotspot for some customers to use.

If you are looking for complex computing needs or something that can connect multiple devices and computers, you will have to go up the levels. At the helm of the DSL product line, you can get up to 500 Mbps in download speeds and enhanced upload speeds of up to 8 megabytes per second. However, the high connectivity speeds cost a premium, $250 every month. For that reason, we recommend you look around to see whether there are lower prices for the same speeds.

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AT&T Fiber Business Internet Plans

AT&T business fiber internet comes with speeds of up to 1 Gbps, which are among the fastest speeds you will find in the market today. You will also find symmetrical download and upload speeds with AT&T’s business fiber-optic packages. Those who frequently use video conferencing or VoIP services should consider the balanced fiber option.

Fiber-Optic Plan

Monthly Price

Download Speeds

AT&T Business Fiber 1,000† $500 1 Gbps
AT&T Business Fiber 500† $300 500 Mbps
AT&T Business Fiber 100 $140 100 Mbps
AT&T Business Fiber 50† $85 50 Mbps
AT&T Business Fiber 25† $60 25 Mbps

N/B: The speeds and pricing are current as at publishing, but can change at any time. The offers may not apply in all regions.

For similar download rates as their DSL plans, AT&T’s fiber-optic packages come with faster upload speeds. The speeds are useful if business employees often telecommute, you need cloud backup services involving large files, or frequently conference online. The company’s fiber network remains limited. However, if your business location allows you to take advantage of AT&T’s fiber-optic reliability, you should not hesitate.

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Symmetrical/Business Fiber 1,000: AT&T’s Fastest Plan

You can secure blazing download and upload speeds of up to 1 Gbps to use on massive file uploading, complex cloud computing, and VoIP calling, among other services. The incredible speeds will cost your business $500 every month. The majority of AT&T’s fiber plans have respective symmetric connections for companies that have the budget.

AT&T Business Packages + Value-Added Services

Att business internet has an option that allows small businesses to combine internet with other services, which the ISP offers, including phone and TV. In this way, companies get to save money on the combined package.

AT&T Business Internet, TV and Phone Bouquets:

Type of Bundle Monthly price

What You Get

Internet + DIRECTV: get up to 500 Mbps $79.99
  • Over 85 TV channels
  • Professional TV installation
Voice + internet: get up to 500 Mbps $90
  • Unrestricted long distance and local calls
Voice + Internet + DIRECTV: get up to 500 Mbps $109.99
  • Unrestricted long distance and local calls
  • Over 85 TV channels
  • Professional TV installation

N/B: The speeds and pricing are current as at publishing, but can change at any time. The offers may not apply in all regions.

Bundling allows you to enjoy multiple services from one provider under a single plan and bill, saving you the hassles on time, budgeting, and expenses. Moreover, AT&T encourages small businesses to bundle by providing various special offers courtesy of the AT&T Reward Center and its Reward Card. The offers often come with Amazon gift cards.

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Reliability and Support

When considering the right internet plan for your business, speed and price often come top. You may have to think of more factors to ensure things run smoothly. The reliability of your internet connection, as well as the provider’s response in case of issues, should hold the same value when making your purchase decision.

We were able to uncover details of AT&T’s service level agreements for their business internet packages during our research. Both their fiber and DSL plans have an uptime guarantee of 99.9%. The ISP assures you to have your online business activities up, 99.9%, in a calendar month. According to our calculations, the figure translates to 44 minutes of downtime every month.

What would happen if AT&T does not honor the uptime guarantee? For starters, the company does not account for some instances in its service level agreement concerning network availability. The cases may include certain events or routine network maintenance. Apart from these situations, if the service provider doesn’t meet the guarantee in a particular month, you will receive a full day’s credit as compensation for your monthly service fee. For businesses that depend heavily on a constantly-on internet connection, the credit may not be the best recourse.

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The Fine Print

You may have to sign a contract with AT&T business internet depending on your preferred plan and pay specific fees aside from the usual monthly service charges.


AT&T’s DSL business internet packages offer free installation for those who can do it. If not, you will be paying a one-time fee of $200 for the company to install the equipment for you. Businesses with an IT team on standby have a chance to bypass the $200 surcharge and opt for self-installation.

Fiber-optics packages carry a lower one-time installation charge of $99. However, unlike the DSL option, you cannot avoid paying this fee and fix the equipment on your own, owing to the complexity of the connection.

AT&T business internet may or may not apply early termination fees depending on your type of connection. Fiber plans don’t have any renewal term requirements; hence they have no early termination fees. On the other hand, early cancellation of a DSL plan will attract an ETF, with the amount depending on the number of months remaining in your contract. Every month left in the contract translates to a $20 early termination fee.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for ATT Business Internet:

Q. Can you share the internet on a business att account?

Ans: Yes. You can share the internet on a business att account if you are on the AT&T Mobile Share Plus for business plans.

Q. Does att offer business internet?

Ans: Yes. ATT offers business internet through its AT&T’s DSL plans, which the company calls high-speed internet packages. Besides, the organization provides business internet through new business fiber plans, including higher speed internet offerings. However, the latest business fiber packages’ availability is limited and costs a premium.

Q. How qualify att business internet?

Ans: Nearly any business can qualify for the att business internet, provided they can afford to pay the subscription and installation fees where necessary. Geographic and service limitations may apply to some of their services, especially on fiber-optics plans. It is vital to call an AT&T customer service representative to see if you qualify.

Q. How fast is att uverse 24 internet business?

Ans: Speeds for att uverse 24 internet business vary from 50 Mbps and can go as high as 1,000 Mbps, depending on your plan.

Q. Is att business internet good?

Ans: Affordable broadband speeds, together with high customer satisfaction, make AT&T a solid internet choice for your business. To be precise, AT&T’s DSL internet is useful for business connections and not the fiber-optic plans, owing to the high service costs.

The Bottom-line

AT&T is among the best internet providers for new, small, medium enterprises. Affordable DSL plans, stable speeds, as well as connectivity make att business internet an excellent choice for your business.  The company has decent and supportive customer service, giving them high customer satisfaction ratings. If your business requires heavy internet usage, you may want to consider finding another service provider. AT&T’s premium internet plans might be too costly for most companies to afford.

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