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The Best Ways to Get WiFi Anywhere You Go in 2021

Over the decades, the number of people owning smartphones and other portable devices that can be used to access the internet has increased accompanied by great zeal for accessing the internet for different purposes. However, getting to the internet to stream music, movies, and other stuff requires data that defines one thing – you need money. Sometimes you may be running out of data and you still want to access the internet. In such a case, one of the best options is looking for a free internet that will be available in the form of free WiFi.

How to Get WiFi Anywhere

This brings us to the topic of discussion whereby we shall discuss some of the best ways to get WiFi anywhere you go. So, this is a guide on how to get WiFi anywhere. The following are the different ways;

1. Get Free WiFi Apps

Instead of walking into hotels or airports where free WiFi is always available, you can find an application that has database WiFi connections. For example, the following apps are the ones recommended in this case since they can find WiFi networks that are not protected or they can even find the passwords of those WiFi networks which have open passwords.

WiFi You

This app is amazing and it’s one of the top-notch apps that can help you find free WiFi. It works through finding and collecting as many passwords as possible then, it stores them in a cloud server which will allow you and other people to share them. If you want to get connected to a free WiFi faster then, you can click on one of the nearby hotspots which are visible on the screen. Below are the features of this app.

Features of WiFi You App
  • It can share WiFi passwords.
  • Through a single click, you can get connected to free WiFi.
  • It automatically selects for you the best networks after it has carried out an analysis of the available WiFi networks available.
  • It uses intelligent technology that helps it to protect your security and privacy.
  • It takes a shorter time to detect the available WiFi networks available.

WiFi Map

This is also an excellent app that lets you find all WiFi hotspots nearby. For example, if you walk near airports, towns, and hospitals you can easily track WiFi hotspots when you are using this app. It is available for both Android and iOS users where you will be required to download and install this app before running it. For windows users, you can find through visiting the windows website. Besides, you can use the latest version of this app to download a WiFi map that you can use while offline. The following are some of the features of this app;

Features of WiFi Map App
  • A Pro version is available which comes with more advantages.
  • It is available for the web, android, and iOS.
  • It can find WiFi hotspots in over 200 countries.


Are you traveling and you are stuck with connectivity problems? Here is the solution. Wiffinity is an app that lets you discover thousands of WiFi hotspots all over the world. The app was developed with strong password-protected WiFi hotspots. Therefore, when you have this app you can easily trace different WiFi hotspots from hotels, cafes, and other places. The following are its features;

Features of Wiffinity App
  • You can use the app to share hotspots using GPS.
  • It does not require roaming charges.
  • It can easily be used.
  • It’s available for both android and iOS users.

These are some of the apps but the list is long whereby you can choose the one that suits you best.

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How to Get Free WiFi with a Cable Company

how to get wifi anywhere

Although this method is not that popular and most people don’t use it, it’s there and very effective. The only disadvantage of this method is that you have to subscribe to a cable internet that you must have at home. Once you subscribe to the cable internet plans at home, you will have access to all the Wi-Fi hotspots that are found in towns and cities. However, the only Wi-Fi hotspots you will find are the ones owned by the cable company you subscribed to. This achieved through checking the provider’s website if they have a map that shows the nearby hotspots or you can choose to download their app for android and iOS.

Search for hidden networks if they are present

You may be residing in a place where there is a free WiFi network but it’s not documented and therefore, it does not appear on your device if you switch the WiFi button on. Previously, you have read about the different apps that you can use to find the Hidden Wi-Fi networks. However, don’t tell other people of this since if the owners get the information, they can protect their networks.

Make a research on the areas around you that always have WiFi

Don’t work blindly. Discover the businesses and hotels that offer free WiFi. Learn the hotels or businesses that have free WiFi and do not forget them. Also, try to analyze those whose systems do not require much process to get the WiFi free for you.

Use a hotspot database

You may have a blackout of finding the areas that have reliable free WiFi although these areas may be around you. You can use a hotspot database such as WeFi. This database and others have a list that comprises millions of Wi-Fi hotspots across the world. The hotspots included in the lists of these databases are from all areas including the rural hotspots. Besides, these databases have apps for android and iOS. Therefore, these databases can help you find the spots of your dreams.

Cons of Free WiFi

As of now, you are aware of most tricks that you can apply to have free WiFi. If you were not aware of these methods, right now you should be eager to go out there and try if they will work. It’s Ok. However, they said when the deal is too good think twice. Free WiFi is FREE but you should keep in mind that the following dangers may come your way.

Sending sensitive data or information using free WiFi can be so dangerous since malicious agents can easily track that information which can lead you to a huge loss. Take for instance you are sending credit card numbers and unfortunately, the information gets tracked. You will have no one to blame. This case is most common to scenarios where the WiFi hotspot being used is an open one. However, if you are using a password-protected WiFi hotspot you are still in the danger of getting your information easily captured. On YouTube, you can find some tutorials that teach about this process which means you are not safe in all aspects.

The other method that is used to exploit Free WiFi users is the man in the middle (MITM). This method is used by gougers whereby they create a public network that is fake. In most cases, they use a password that is similar to the name of the area or place in which the network is found. For example, they may use a password like a mary’ scafe’ if there is a café with that name. In this case, once you access the Free WiFi, they will be in a position of accessing all the data from you that will be flowing through their system.

Using free WiFi apps is the most dangerous. This is because hackers find it easy to get your personal information if you are using an app. Funny enough, some apps can still track your information even when you uninstall them. Therefore, you should be very careful when you are connecting your device to a free WiFi network, failure to which you may lose very important data from your device.

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How do I remain secured when I am using public free WiFi Networks?

In the section above, you have seen the dangers that can come along as a result of using a free WiFi network. However, you don’t have to worry since the good news is here. If you strictly follow the steps below, you will remain secure and your data wouldn’t be at risk of being accessed by other scammers.

Remain these points for free WiFi
  • Do not make it a habit to use these free WiFi networks – access them only if it’s necessary.
  • Do not share very sensitive information while you are connected to these networks. The information you are sharing should be sensitive and that you have no problem even if other people get it.
  • When you are not sharing anything, please switch off all sharing services.
  • Do not access sites that have your financial information such as bank accounts.
  • Ensure you use a VPN as it encrypts all of your data and it hides your IP address making it hard for other people to access it.
  • It is advisable to use HTTP since it comes with more privacy.
  • Turn off automatic connections.

Hope this guide has been of great help to you. The only important thing that you should put into consideration as you enjoy free WiFi is the last part of this article. Failing to follow the precautions can cause bigger problems. Therefore, ensure the privacy of your information is the first priority before you start basking.

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