BenQ W1070 3D Home Theater Projector Review in 2020

A TV screen is a constantly expanding thing — literally. You can find high quality and reasonably priced 65-inch TVs easily these days, and even some of the best TVs you can purchase are very reasonably priced. However, if you want to experience pure cinema, you need a projector. Projector screens reach comfortably beyond 120 inches, and several best modern projectors support 4 K UHD resolution. They display an impressively wide spectrum of colours thanks to features such as full-colour gamut, much like their 4 K TV equivalents.

Review of BenQ W1070 3D Home Theater Projector

  • Full HD 3D 1080p image projection up to 200 inches. A 10,000:1 contrast ratio and 2,000 ANSI lumens of brightness
  • Includes SmartEco technology for energy conservation and auto standby mode to save energy and prolong lamp life; lasts up to 6,000 hours
  • Watch Full HD 1080p movies, TV shows and sports, or play action packed video games on screens up to 200 inches in diagonal in any room of the house
  • Built-in speakers are plug-and-play ready, only the power cord and video source connection are needed to prepare the viewing experience


The BenQ W1070 Projector has quite a lot to offer in its price range. Below listed are some of its killer benefits.

  • There is hands-down no other competition of this product in the price range when it comes to the picture quality. For a projector, that’s always the judgment-scale.
  • You get a full-feature out of the box remote control, and you’ll merely operate the projector using its surface buttons.
  • The 3D playback that BenQ W1070 offers is unmatchable. You have to experience it to believe it.


The product offers some of the best-in-class features for the buyer. Still, there is always room for improvement, and the product does need enhancements in the following areas.

  • The exhaust grill doesn’t completely block the lamp’s leakage onto the display screen. You can, however, fix it with a few adjustments.
  • You don’t get 3D infrared glasses out of the box with this BenQ projector. If you wish to own one of them, you can purchase them from at the best price.

Product Description

The BenQ W1070 Projector is a 1080P Projector for home video. With a native resolution of 1920×1080, this lamp-based projector is good at showing 2,000 lumens at its brightest location and is capable of 3D. The internal DLP technology offers higher contrast, fewer visible pixels, and greater portability. The specific projector lens can be moved to enable the projector to be placed more flexibly relative to the frame. This projector was available for purchase initially in November 2012. You can buy a BenQ W1070 Projector from at the best price.

The W1070 gets a major plus point for having a lens shift that has so far been limited to a much higher price range of models. This projector is equally useful for your in-house requirements, farm-house getaways, and also for your office halls.

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Features of BenQ W1070 3D Home Theater Projector

Review of BenQ W1070 3D Home Theater Projector

The picture quality that comes with the W1070 is impressive. It’s bright, and the reproduction of colours is outstanding, with blacks better than anyone would usually expect at this price. Smart Eco mode provides dynamic contrast and reduced power consumption. And as a bonus, it results in enhanced blacks and precious shadow info. If you’re prone to proverbial rainbow effects from a DLP projector, you can relax –– they’re practically non-existent and only visible if you’re searching for them.

W1070 supports 3D (including 3D blu-ray) and does a decent job with a compelling 3D experience, with no big crosstalk problems. By having vertical lens change, BenQ further one-ups several other budget projectors. This allows for some versatility in how high or low you position the projector relative to the frame, without resorting to the distortions caused by digital pipeline modifications.

It has onboard speakers and is nearly small to fit in a “person’s backpack,” yet worthy of excellent quality picture. Colours are attractive, and the out-of-the-box offering is good enough for the price. Its picture blows away whatever pico projector you’d like to call. BenQ has optimized their product for this amount of money, and you probably won’t be able to find a better big-screen experience for that.


Trust BenQ’s W1070 projector to produce bright, life-like light. Colorific from BenQ is the appropriate way to view your projected pictures, from business conferences and educational facilities to exciting events and home entertainment. The DLP technology of BenQ W1070 projectors shows over a billion spectacular colours.

It possesses the colourific technology and can offer up to 3x more contrast than the rest of the top-selling LCD models, mixing up to 6 different colours to produce vivid, true to life images versus standard 3-colour LCD architecture. You enjoy richer blacks and luminous whites with stellar picture consistency — no light fading or loss in colour consistency over time — for soothing images.


Most projectors provide some form of height adjustment that helps users to get the square on the board. The BenQ W1070 projector offers front and back adjustments, which means it is better able to compensate for imperfectly level table mounts. So now you can set it up wherever you want to it without any worries.

It’s pretty quick to set up the screen, and it depends entirely on the type of screens you purchased. Wall hanging retractable or portable projector screen is usually used for indoor use since it is very easy to fit into the wall. You just need to make a hole in the wall, or you can conveniently hang the panel where there’s an existing knob in the wall.

It is often recommended for ceiling or front table projection for standard indoor setup because it is simple to set up. If you’re planning to opt for rear projection, however, you’d either need a wide room or an ultra-short throw ratio with a screen compatible with rear projection. You would need to opt for the 180-degree horizontal adjustment for rear projection so that the frame fits correctly into the window. Once you are done setting it up, you can enjoy the theatre-like experience of BenQ W1070 in your residence.

To Summarize

With the quality of the picture and advanced features, it is easy to judge that BenQ has skimped on other relevant features. That’s not the case though. BenQ W1070 is a highly professional low-priced projector that can compete with far more expensive projectors. The build quality and networking, including dual HDMI inputs, are in place, and there are comprehensive setting options.

The fan’s noise level is not as low as one wants but entirely reasonable. The remote control is smooth, and you don’t have to worry about where you are aiming it, but it would have been good to have backlighting in a darkroom—in short, highly recommended!

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