Is Xfinity Prepaid Internet Unlimited?

Xfinity prepaid internet is a service provided by Comcast. It’s making sure to get access to the internet at home via Wi-Fi through the Xfinity wireless gateway connected to the Comcast ready home cable. Xfinity prepaid internet enables to connect all devices such as computers, phones, tablet to the internet via Wi-Fi. There is a different type of internet offers of Xfinity to feed your needs. When you are an avid online gamer or active in watching movies or different programs of the TV channels, this Xfinity internet is best suited for you. Here we are going to know the best Xfinity prepaid internet, instant TV and details about unlimited data offers.

Xfinity Prepaid Internet

Xfinity prepaid internet is one of the great choices for people who are online gamers and watch online movies. This internet is high speed internet which provides up to 20 Mbps. More importantly, it is possible to add prepaid instant TV and you can refill whenever you may wish to add on more feature service and feature. This prepaid instant TV is featured with favorite shows on-demand at home and on the go. Luckily this internet price is only $45 for 30 days on the internet. But you have to pay more $35 one-time modem purchase. In case you want this package, you go to check your availability on Xfinityprepaid.com.

Also note that Xfinity prepaid internet starter kit is another option that you may seek for starting surfing, streaming, shopping and sharing to your devices for the first 30 days. Additionally, there is an option to refill your service with the help of online, in-app or in-store.

Is Xfinity Prepaid Internet Unlimited

Restriction for prepaid internet

Xfinity has a restriction to get this unlimited prepaid internet. When you are going to get this internet, you should follow their requirement fully and then you should apply for their package.

  • This package is not available to all areas and you should look for availability in your location.
  • This package is for only 18-year-old
  • Xfinity internet package can be refilled and can be available at a participating retail store location. But this package is also one-time redemption per 25-day period.

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Xfinity prepaid Instant TV

When you need to watch unlimited TV programs, Xfinity prepaid internet can be the best option. One can stream Xfinity prepaid instant TV after downloading the Xfinity Stream app which is available on Google Play or the iTunes app store. One can easily avail prepaid instant TV on any device such as mobile, desktop and tablets. It is also important to note that Xfinity prepaid instant TV has been designed to ensure watching on mobile devices and computers and it is so simple to watch on television screens by using Ruku device which is compatible with the Xfinity Stream app. Now the price of this package starts from $20 including taxes and fees which is up to 30 days. This package also lets you add on extra channels at an additional cost according to your needs.

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Restriction for prepaid instant TV

When you are opting for instant TV, there is some restriction that you should know from the very first. The service may vary according to your location and your choice on the package.

  • This service is not available to all location
  • You must need Xfinity prepaid internet to get Prepaid instant TV.

Can I Get Unlimited Data?

Surely you can get unlimited data because there is Xfinity prepaid internet unlimited. For this, you have to check your monthly data usage in your account. So, you need to sign in by using your Xfinity ID and password to know your data usage plan. There are different data plans including unlimited data plans. You can also check and get data plan that works best for you. So, the notion is that you may go with an unlimited data plan in case you want to pay more. The user who need more than 1 terabyte of data per month and doesn’t want to pay for overages, Xfinity offers an unlimited data option.

The cost of this unlimited data plan stands at $50 per month. This is voluntary from your real data usage. When you are enrolling in this plan, you don’t need to go further terabyte options because you are getting an unlimited data option. This enrolment will be in effect whenever you are signing up for the unlimited data option and this will expire in the time when you are signing up after next month. It is clear to say that when you are going to call to enroll in the unlimited data option from 14 September and then your enrolment in the unlimited data option will start from 14 September and this will apply to your data usage for the entire month of the September. The overage incurred during the month of September won’t be billed differently.

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How to Cancel the unlimited data

The unlimited data may not be your option and you may change this option. It is a question about what will happen. So the charge is to be removed from the bill hat cover the next calendar month Simply you just call to cancel the unlimited data option on September 14 but September won’t be billed for any overages from your account on November 1. On this 1 October, the unlimited data option will be canceled and the terabyte will come back according to your need which will go forward for the month of December going forward.

There is no biding that you must enroll in the unlimited data plan but you may opt for in case you want. But it is important to make sure that the data usage may not be applicable to the customers with prepaid internet.

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Final Verdict

Surely there are a lot of internet service providers to provide the internet. But Xfinity can be a great deal to go for gaming and TV watching. In case you need the internet for watching TV or gaming purposes, you should know this internet in terms of availability and restrictions.

This internet is also a high speed and unlimited option to make sure you can go for uninterrupted internet using. Additionally, the price of Xfinity internet is cost-effective. So, it is clear that you can get the best internet deal at an affordable price.

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