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Comcast $19.99 internet for 6 Months (Xfinity)

Negotiating is an essential skill in life, especially when you want to secure the best offers like Comcast internet deals 19.99 for 6 months. Even though most people don’t like negotiations, it can be a valuable asset in saving you lots of cash on your cable bill. Comcast is one of the fast and reliable internet service providers for households in the US. The company’s cheapest internet offer starts at $29.99 per month for the first twelve months with a year’s agreement.

So how can you land $19.99 from Xfinity, Comcast’s internet subsidiary? Comcast’s Xfinity currently offers high-speed internet, digital voice phone, and digital cable to millions of consumers across the United States. The ISP is committed to delivering quality services at budget-friendly prices to its customers. Plenty of customers choose them due to the promotions and special offers they provide.

These Xfinity exclusive promos often come in bundles, special introductory rates, as well as free installation. It means that you can find Comcast internet deals new customer prices with a six-month contract. Besides running several offers, whose availability varies by market, their service agreements are subject to change.

The existing Comcast deals are available in six, twelve, and twenty-four-month service agreements. Also, they do have several no-contract internet deals allowing new and current customers to end their service terms prematurely without paying early termination fees. Customers can haggle prices if they feel their monthly bills are too expensive. Therefore, in this article, we will highlight various methods you can use to obtain Comcast-Xfinity internet deals, starting from $20 every month for six months.

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Getting The Best Internet Deals With Comcast-Xfinity

comcast internet deals 19.99 for 6 months

There are plenty of Xfinity promos for new and existing Comcast customers, but many people fail to spot them.

Comcast’s Special Offers for Existing Subscribers

Consumers typically search long and hard for special introductory prices and promotions when enrolling for new services to get the best deal. After settling on a service provider, most customers usually stop searching for promotions. However, many of the Comcast internet deals new customer prices are also available for existing clients.

The current Comcast-Xfinity customers can often find promotional rates on TV or the internet. If you are an existing Xfinity client and you find an offer you like, simply call your local service agent to see if you qualify for the special discount.

The most common promos for existing subscribers include;

  • $0 plans and package upgrades
  • Savings on Comcast’s bundled packages
  • $0 or cut-price equipment upgrades

Comcast Promotional Deals for New Customers

Many people sign up for Xfinity’s service due to the great promotions they run. New customers, for example, can often secure a great deal on cable, phone service, or the internet through these select contracts. Special agreements are constantly changing and vary based on your location.

New Xfinity customers can land deals such as;

  • Bundle packages
  • Zero-charge or cut-rate cable installation
  • Discounted introductory offers

To find the recent list of promotional deals where you live, you can contact one of Comcast’s sales representatives at 866-248-6165. It is through these limited-time offers that you can obtain Comcast internet deals 19.99 for 6 months.

Comcast-Xfinity: Internet Pricing

Knowing an ISP’s internet prices is the first step in finding value for your money in their discounts. Therefore, we have compiled the latest internet prices for Xfinity from Comcast to help you gain more in-depth insight. The chart below shows pricing based on internet-only plans. Subscribers can reduce internet bills by bundling with phone, TV, or both TV and phone services. Moreover, the rates are exclusive of equipment fees.

Comcast Plan

Starting Monthly Price Max. Download Speeds Max. Upload Speeds

Online Monthly Rates

Performance Starter $29.99 15 Mbps 2 Mbps None
Performance Plus $29.99 75 Mbps 5 Mbps None
Performance Pro $34.99 175 Mbps 5 Mbps $44.99
Blast! Pro $49.99 275 Mbps 10 Mbps $59.99
Extreme Pro $60.00 500 Mbps 10 Mbps None
Gigabit $70.00 1,000 Mbps 35 Mbps None
Gigabit Pro $299.95 2,000 Mbps 2,000 Mbps None

All the prices starting from Performance Starter to Blast Pro are promotional-based, with a one-year service agreement. Extreme Pro and Gigabit promo rates are available for the first twenty-four months, with a one-year contract. Gigabit Pro prices come as an online-order-only promotion with a two-year agreement.

Using Performance Starter Plan To Get Comcast Internet Deals $19.99 for 6 Months

You must be wondering whether it is possible to get Comcast internet deals 19.99 for 6 months when a 12-month service agreement with a $30 monthly rate is the least offer. Well, finding the right internet package for you and your family shouldn’t be complicated. Don’t forget that these contracts plus their availability often vary by market and can change.

1. Cash In On The $10 West Coast Discount

For instance, you currently pay $10 less for the performance starter plan if you are on the west coast compared to the east coast. The $10 discount would result in a $19.99 per month bill, which you can negotiate to include a six-month contract.

2. Use the $20 Monthly Introductory Price For Select Markets

In another example, Comcast is offering the starter plan for $20 per month in select areas, including Naperville. The limited-period offer comes with up to 150 Mbps in downstream speeds. However, you must register for Comcast Xfinity’s paperless billing and automatic payments service to qualify for the $10 discount.

Also, Central US residents can get the promotional performance starter plan, which comes with a speed boost. For the dropped rates, Comcast is boosting the speed to include:

  • Up to 25 Mbps download speeds, up from the usual 15 Mbps offer
  • Starts from $20 every month

The limited-time deal expires on 3/22/2020 and is available in select areas.

3. Avoid The Optional Comcast-Xfinity Internet Fee

Nearly all ISPs have fees in their fine print. For instance, Xfinity customers should expect to pay a few mandatory costs in their monthly bills, including;

  • State and local communications services sale tax: The fee represents Comcast-Xfinity’s contribution to the Federal Fund, helping to avail affordable communication services to low-income households.
  • Universal connectivity charge: Local or state authorities impose the fee for communication services such as TV, data, voice, and audio.

You can learn more about the mandatory fees in the fine print of your Xfinity service agreement. Also, the contract includes another optional internet cost for renting the company’s Wireless Gateway modem. Currently, Comcast charges a $10 monthly rental fee for the two-in-one device. The price can change at Xfinity’s discretion.

Therefore, once you select your internet service provider and the right plan, it is easy to think that your search is over. Nonetheless, your last decision is whether to rent or buy a router or modem. If you want to cut back on Comcast’s internet charges, consider investing in your own router. In doing so, you can eliminate the monthly equipment rental fees and pay $19.99 every month on Xfinity basic internet package.

How To Use Your Own Modem With Xfinity Internet

To use your own device, begin by checking this list of Comcast-Xfinity supported modems. Most of the equipment on the list cost less than $100. It means the device will pay for itself in almost a year. After that, swap in the new router.

Your device might automatically activate after plugging it in. However, chances are you will need to call Comcast-Xfinity’s customer support line for activation. You will also need to install the wireless network before connecting any device.

Once you are set up, remember to use the ISP’s instructions to send them back the rental equipment. Don’t forget to ask for a receipt. Besides, you’ll want to follow up and verify that Xfinity removes the rental charge from your next rental bill.

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FAQs for Comcast Internet Deals

Q. How to get the best deal on Comcast internet

Ans: You can use different methods to get the best deal on Comcast internet. However, finding promotional rates for new and existing customers on TV or the internet is the simplest way to land the best Comcast internet deals.

Q. What is the best Comcast deal for internet and tv?

Ans: The Xfinity X1 Preferred Double Play is the best Comcast deal for internet and TV. This deal comes with high channel counts as well as fast internet speeds suitable for the needs of most consumers.

Q. What is the cheapest Xfinity package?

Ans: The performance starter package starting at $30 per month is Xfinity’s cheapest package.

Q. Does Comcast offer senior discounts?

Ans: Comcast-Xfinity offers an array of limited-time deals available to customers of all ages. However, their monthly plans don’t have any special pricing or price cuts for the elderly. Instead, seniors can subscribe to the Internet Essential plan, specifically catering to their needs.

Q. Does Comcast have any promotions?

Ans: Yes. Comcast runs several promotions on the internet and TV. The promos are both for its new and existing customers, which can vary by location.

The Bottom Line

Taking advantage of Xfinity bundles and promotions is a sure way to get the best service for your cash. For example, you can leverage their special introductory rates and bundled services for savings to secure Comcast internet deals 19.99 for 6 months. Moreover, you can cut back on monthly costs by buying your own equipment. Doing so will eliminate rental charges from your monthly bills.

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