VANKYO LEISURE 3 Portable Mini Projector Review

People really did not think that technology would allow them to carry projectors anywhere they travel. This technological advancement now offers people some really great [portable mini projectors which are absolutely capable of fulfilling their required needs. Specifically designed and developed to provide presentation handling and delivery, Mini Projectors are convenient, portable, and effective in nature. But there are certain factors considered by the potential buyer before opting for the best cheap projector available in the market.

Review of VANKYO LEISURE 3 Portable Mini Projector


Following section enlist a variety of prominent and exemplary advantages offered by Vankyo leisure three portable mini projector to its users-

  • The Vankyo mini projector comes with a variety of ports.
  • Its four-watt speaker system is much more efficient and better than other average speaker systems.
  • It is equipped with a large and maximum screen size.
  • It is very compact, allowing the user to use it in limited space.
  • The portable mini projector is portable enough to facilitate easy transportation.
  • The carrying case which comes with the projector fits everything the user needs
  • Vankyo has a very efficient cooling design and a quiet fan system.


Though Vankyo leisure three portable mini projector offers a wide variety of outstanding merits to the users, still there are some demerits which can cause some trouble the users-

  • The vertical angle adjustment of the portable projector is manual and is also not very high.
  • It is not very bright and projects low-resolution images.
  • There are no foot adjustments which can help in leveling the projector.

These factors can be

Brightness: This can be an important factor to be carefully considered. The brightness level of the projectors is capable of overcoming the light pollution. Though, with the brightness level of the projector increased, it is possible for a lower battery life to be enjoyed by the users.

Throw Distance: This factor requires some maths to be done by the user. By throw distance, we can determine how big a projector can display an image when placed at a certain distance. The short-throw projectors are capable of showing a larger image or presentation from a shorter distance.

Resolution quality: One of the most important aspects of projectors is to display HD quality projection of images on the secret without ‘Downsample’ which means, taking an HD resolution image but, displaying it as a lower quality one.

Speakers-So what basically is the use of any portable projector if the audio is not properly audible? The built-in speakers of the projectors should be powerful and capable of delivering sounds without any sort of distortion.

Thus these were some of the elements and the factors which can be examined before the purchase of any portable mini projector. Some other factors may include-battery life of the projector, weight or portability.

Keeping in mind these critical factors, one Mini Portable Projector which can be purchased by the potential users is VANKYO LEISURE 3 Portable Mini Projector.

This wonderful projector is capable enough to fulfill the basic projection requirements.


Vankyo leisure three portable mini projectors come with many special descending specifications and abilities.

When talking about physical specifications and attributes, we can mention that it approximately weighs 2.4 lbs. The dimensions of the product are 12.24 X 9.43 X 4.63 Inches. It comes in either black or white. The screen resolution of the projector is  1920 X 1080. Its projection distance can be 4.9 to 16.4 feet. The audio format of the product is AAC, MP2, MP3, PCM, FLAC, WMA, AC3.

The native resolution of the projector is of 800 X 800 (480p) and comes with a maximum screen of 170 inches. If placed 18 feet away from the wall, it provided perfect projection screening. The projector comes equipped with a four-watt stereo speaker system.



Vankyo leisure three portable mini projector offers many efficient and effective features to its users. The projector comes with 60% brightness delivering ability. It is more than any other projectors of its category. Vankyo delivers a high-quality picture along with a perfect brightness structure, which makes it an excellent performer. This portable mini projector offers a 2000:1 contrast ratio.

It is powered by MStarAdvanced Color Engineproving 1080P HD quality content supported along with a 2000:1 contrast ratio, which promises exemplary performance. When connecting with the iPhone, you can enjoy the projector with an HDMI adapter, and when using Android phones. You can use the portable mini projector with Micro USB or Type C to HDMI adapter. To facilitate the easy transportation of the mini projector, this product comes with a customized bag.


The Vankyo leisure three portable mini projectors are capable enough to suit any smaller quarter room, dorm room or a positively cavernous room. The portable mini projector is also efficient enough to create a high definition projection, that can easily measure as small as 32 inches or as large as 170 inches.

Equipped with suppression technology, Vankyo is capable of diminishing the fan noise, allowing the viewers to listen to what exactly is going on in the room. When sitting in a semi-dark room or a cramped apartment, the 2000:1 contrast ratio allows the viewers to see the projection image in very high quality.


If the potential/beginner user wants a portable projector, which can travel along with him, then Vankyo leisure three portable mini projector is perfectly suitable. Since it only weighs 2.4, it is absolutely suitable for the people to carry it around with them. It also suits the budget of the buyer and is compact enough for the user to use it in smaller rooms or spaces and portable enough for carrying purposes.

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Vankyo leisure three portable mini projectors are one of the highest-rated portable mini projectors available in the market. It is effortless installation and its simple plug, and play setup makes it easy for the user to attach a streaming stick, flash drive, gaming console, or cable box. Equipped with 1080p resolution, it is about convenient and handy.

Vankyo leisure three portable mini projector is a high performance and budget-friendly product. So if you want to invest in a projector that offers a series of desirable features, and comes at a low price, then Vankyo leisure three portable mini projector is the perfect option to opt for.

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