NETGEAR CM700 [32×8] DOCSIS 3.0 Gigabit Cable Modem Review

Netgear maintains an edge over its competitors in terms of pioneering and advancing fast internet connectivity technologies. The company has been and still continues to make some of the most excellent internet connectivity gadgets. Netgear cm700 gigabit cable modem is among the company’s best devices. It is an advanced cable modem and router that delivers fast cable internet reaching 1.4 Gbps and outstanding performance.

If you are looking to set up a high-speed internet network, this electronic will offer the infrastructure you require. Everything about this cable modem and router machine is straightforward if you can ace its installation. You will be able to achieve super-fast browsing, seamless streaming, and downloading videos and online gaming without buffering. Let’s see if it is the right gadget for you in this Netgear CM700 review.

NETGEAR CM700 Cable Modem

  • Compatible with all major cable internet providers: Including certification by Xfinity by Comcast, COX, and Spectrum. Not compatible with Verizon, AT&T, CenturyLink, DSL providers, DirecTV, DISH and any bundled voice service.
  • Save monthly rental fees: Model CM700-1AZNAS replaces your cable modem saving you up to 168 Dollars/year in equipment rental fees.
  • Speeds by carrier: Xfinity (up to 800Mbps), Cox (up to 500Mbps), Spectrum (up to 400Mbps).
  • Works with any Wi-Fi router: Connect any Wi-Fi router to this modem's Ethernet port to support all your wireless devices.
  • Ethernet connections: 1 Gigabit Ethernet port connects to your computer or separate Wi-Fi router.
  • Modem technology: Engineered with 32x8 channel bonding, OFDM 2x2, and DOCSIS 3.1.
  • System Requirements : Cable broadband Internet service, Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista`, XP, 2000, Mac OS, or other operating systems running a TCP/IP network. Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0, Firefox 2.0, Safari 1.4, or Google Chrome 11.0 browsers or higher

Cable-modems are vital for connecting your home or office to cable internet service. While they are relatively simple gadgets, it’s essential to pick the right one for a stable, uncongested connection. We did extensive research on the top best cable-modem-router combo units, featuring this Netgear CM700 gateway. Our review looks at several factors, such as its speed, performance-value factor, data management, and others, to help you make an informed choice. Overall, the Netgear CM700 series modem is a top-performing, budget-friendly high-speed model meant for streaming and gaming.

Basic Features

  • 4 Gbps max speed
  • DOCSIS 3.0 system
  • CableLabs certified
  • 32 upstream channels
  • Mac OS, Windows, and Unix compatible
  • Works with Cox, Spectrum, Xfinity, and others
  • Eight downstream channels
  • One LAN Gigabit Ethernet port
  • Backward compatibility with DOCSIS 2.0 platform
  • Two-in-one functionality

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Overall Design, Usability, and Performance

The Netgear CM700 series relies on the fastest communication tech in the industry, with a bandwidth potential of 1.4 Gbps. With these specs, you could download data at 175 Mbps speeds with a compatible internet service. It is sufficient for downloading a full 4K video in just over ten seconds.

Here is why you should consider getting this modem for your small office or home:

  • Design: Netgear CM700 combines simplicity, cohesiveness, and beauty throughout its hardware construction. Its structural appearance gives it an aggressive look with LED indicators and sharp-looking triangular-shaped ventilation holes. The design puts together the essential elements you would want in a top-rated modem without unnecessary bling.

This CM700 is a bit larger compared to an ISP-bundled modem. It also has a low footprint, unlike most devices, thanks to its built-in stands, giving it a defined placement formula. But the most recommended position is upright.

  • Installation: The cable modem plus Wi-Fi router combo comes with an entirely hands-off installation process, which is more automated. Just plug it into a power source and attach your Ethernet cable to it to complete the set-up. What this device does next is linked to your cable ISP, including fine-tuning to the best method communication. It runs self-tests automatically to find the best performance for its dynamics, which is the highest possible connection. Contact your ISP if the modem cannot activate automatically.
  • Bandwidth: The appliance uses one of the fastest communication tech available, with a possible bandwidth of 1400 Mbps, giving 175 Mbps maximum data download rates. It features a CableLabs certified DOCSIS 3.0 connection that is thirty-two times faster speeds than regular DOCSIS 2.0 gadgets. DOCSIS 3.0 supports channel-bonding, using channels together as though they are a single ultra-fast connection.

This method of data conversion and frequency transmission currently allows up to 32 bonded channels. Netgear CM700 supports all the thirty-two streams. A 32-channel-streaming modem is useful for providing a stable internet connection, particularly during channel-crowding. Almost all four-channel and eight-channel systems tend to get crowded during peak hours.

The 32-channel model allows the modem to skip the congested ones and pick any that is least occupied, resulting in the best possible connection speeds. It is a bit limiting on upstream channels, allowing only eight. Regardless, it is still one of the best systems in the customer networking industry.

  • Performance: A cable-modem doesn’t work like a water-faucet. So, don’t expect to open a bandwidth valve that will allow the internet to flow into your network. All applications in use, starting from web browsers to gaming online, are individual packets sharing your available bandwidth. A modem collects these packets and sends them to your internet service provider.

The Netgear CM700 packs a powerful processor for handling large loads, effectively. Its processor features four separate high-performance cores, giving a latency-free multi-device internet experience. You won’t experience channel down-times even with several devices running multiple apps on the network.

  • Compatibility: The 32×8 cable-modem combo is as versatile as its DOCSIS 3.0 communication system. It is compatible with almost every cable internet company, and will likely work with most of the small, local internet services. Some of the major ISPs only allow network-certified modems on their service. Certification can be a lengthy and costly process.

The good news is that the Netgear brand has a working relationship with most ISPs. For example, this CM700 model is certified for Xfinity, Spectrum, Charter, Comcast, Bright House Networks, Time Warner Cable, Cox, and other cable systems. But it is not compatible with bundled voice services like AT&T, DSL, DISH, Verizon Wireless, DirectTV, and more.

  • Value: Although the almost 100-dollar retail price is likely to cause sticker shock to some shoppers initially, the rates are fair given the gadget’s outstanding performance and excellent features. And similar to other models, your modem-rental savings will offset the cost of this Netgear CM700.
  • Company Support: Netgear gives a one-year limited warranty for its CM700 modem version. Also, there’s a ninety-day free technical support. It provides ample time for you to test the device for defects and receiving free professional troubleshooting and repairs.

Saving money on your rental equipment is perhaps the most significant benefit of buying a cable-modem Wi-Fi router combo box. Getting this Netgear CM700 from an accredited dealer gives you total ownership rights of the product. No monthly fees for this modem add up to a little over one hundred and sixty dollars in equipment savings, annually.

What is Good and Bad About NETGEAR CM700 Cable Modem?

NETGEAR CM700 Cable Modem

Let us see how the good and the bad compare to help you decide if you should get this Netgear CM700 modem. When you are explicitly looking for fast internet connection and reliability, then this unit will be your best purchase. It is widely-compatible, easy to use, and affordable. And, apart from the company-backed 90-day free replacement service or money-back-guarantee, it also comes with these benefits:

The Pros

  • It supports super-fast speeds of up to 500 Mbps cable internet plans.
  • Outstanding channel management for simultaneous online traffic
  • Gigabit-enabled internet for LAN wired devices
  • Excellent price to performance ratio
  • It does not heat up despite being a robust model.
  • The modem has a straightforward installation process.
  • You’ll get to save on monthly charges for renting the equipment.
  • The gadget has a durable construction.

The Netgear CM700 cable-modem Wi-Fi router combo isn’t for every consumer. Although it is a highly capable device, it also has some shortcomings. And as much as it is a piece of incredible equipment to own, it isn’t without a few undesirable features that may be a deal-breaker to some of you.  For example, you should look for an alternative if your ISP is a bundled-voice-service company like Verizon Wireless or AT&T. Like all cable modems, it doesn’t support any voice-bundled internet plans.

The Cons

  • It is not compatible with fiber-optic connections
  • It has only one Gigabit Ethernet LAN port
  • It doesn’t have USB ports for network storage and data sharing
  • It trails the latest DOCSIS 3.1 communication systems

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The Bottom Line

Online gaming and HD video streaming, both need super-fast internet and a connectivity device that can handle it for prime performance. The Netgear CM700 is an excellent example of such equipment. It runs on cutting edge tech, giving it a bandwidth potential of 1400 Mbps, with remarkable eight upstreaming and thirty-two down-streaming channels. The CM700 version pairs these perks with an outstanding price-performance ratio, making it our favorite unit for power users looking to gain from gigabit internet.

But that’s not everything. The main thing to consider when purchasing this device is its original specs. Netgear is a widely-certified brand by ISPs and often has signature features for all their products. Therefore, it’s vital to use due diligence and avoid counterfeits. For example, there’s a ninety-day product replacement or money-back-guarantee if you buy a genuine Netgear product from an accredited supplier. It is available with large retailers like Walmart and top online shops, such as eBay and Amazon.

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