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How to Get Free Cable TV from Comcast

Comcast is a well-known cable TV service provider. It’s preferred for its outstanding features such as ease when it comes to using and navigation of the channel lineup, it is also known for its flexibility and the company is also able to accommodate new features and other technological arrangements thus showing true ingenuity. Comcast allows its users to stream live to watch their favorite shows this is in various ways. You only have to follow some rules to get cable TV from Comcast.

How to get free cable TV with Comcast

One can get free cable TV from Comcast through various ways such as by using cloud-based DVDs that allow the user to record their favorite shows and watch them later. The recorded shows are usually stored on Comcast serves this allows the users to access the content at any time and anywhere. You can also use your laptop to connect to your TV and stream your favorite shows using Xfinity stream or visit specific channel applications and stream live your favorite shows from the specific website.

For users who have already subscribed to Comcast unlimited internet plan, they can watch their programming from any device that is connected to the internet.

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The best bundle deals for TV and Phones

Get Free Cable TV from Comcast

The best bundle deals for TV and phone, especially in the United States of America, include dish TV this offers a wide variety of channel lineup which one can choose from. In some areas, the dish TV bundling service provider can be connected with frontier internet service and this helps the users in saving up to $12 per month. The bundling packages payment starts from $59.99 up to $89.99.There is also Direct TV which provides six different internet packages with the lowest costing $35.00 per month and the highest costing $110 per month. This bundling service can be paired with different internet services such as AT&T which usually offers a discount of $10 per month. It can also be paired with Viasat which offers a bill credit of $10 while Verizon and Windstream offer users of direct TV a billing credit of $5.

Another best bundle deal for TV internet and phones is Hughes Net which provides four internet packages that highly depend on service plan data. The bundling service offers unlimited domestic calling and has also packages that enable unlimited international calling. The basic package costs $49.99 with 3Mpbs uploading speed and 25 Mbps downloading speed. Viasat is another bundling service that can be used in both TV and phones. This bundling service provides a wide range of data allowances and also speeds. It allows its users to subscribe to mobile packages for as low as $19.99 per month.

Although the bundling service doesn’t offer television programming by itself it can be paired with Direct TV for TV sets. The cost of this bundling service ranges from $50-$150 per month depending on the type of internet plan chosen.

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How to get free satellite TV with a dish

There are various ways on how one can get free satellite TV with a dish. First, there are requirements that one needs to have for them to be able to get the free satellite TV which includes a satellite antenna, LNB which can either be single or multi depending on the number of TV sets, a receiver, and a dish TV cable and connector. To receive free satellite TV you need to install the satellite antenna which is used to receive various signals for the TV set. The channels offered through satellite TV are usually free to air channels.

How to get free local and premium channels without cable

There are different ways that one can use to watch both local and premium channels for free without using a cable. Some of those ways include;

1. Installing HDTV antenna

HDTV antenna allows one to get free local channels such as Fox, ABC, and CBS among others, and additional premium channels such as grit, QVC, home shopping network, CW channel among others. Depending on the area the user stays they can either install a directional antenna, multi-directional antenna, and Omni-directional antenna. One can also use a website known as antenna web to check the number of the channel they can access from their location and type of antenna to install depending on the area’s terrain. The HDTV antenna can either be installed indoors or outdoor depending on its location from the broadcast. If the user is within a mile radius of 70-75 from the main internet provider then they can install an indoor HDTV antenna. On the other hand, if they are within a mile radius of 80-150 then they need to install an outdoor HDTV antenna.

2. Streaming live

You can also get free local and premium channels by streaming online. You can visit the specific channel website such as FOX, CBS among others or you can also stream using a website such as TV.com.TV.com enable its users to access their favorite local channels by live streaming them.

3. Using Roku

Roku device gives access to over 500,000 shows and movies. Roku enables its users to be able to live stream as well as watch previous shows. Roku offers local channels such as TubiTV, crackle, Pluto among others. It also allows one to install premium channels such as Hulu, Netflix, Pureflix, Sling TV among others.

4. Yidio

This is a type of search engine that provides free digital content. The search engine provides this free digital content by determining whether the show searched by the user requires any subscriptions. The program also helps to inform the user on which platform offers the show they are searching for, for free. This can be an easy way of getting both local and premium channels for free without any cable.

5. Using YouTube

You can also watch your favorite shows on YouTube for free. Some channels provide simulcast for their shows on YouTube and one can easily gain access and follow their favorite show instead of cable subscription which tends to be expensive.

6. Checking your local library

You can also look at your local library for free local and premium channels. The majority of the local libraries allow its users to be able to borrow DVDs for free and some also partner with other online library databases such as overdrive to provide TV shows to movies to their users for free. One only requires a digital library card to be able to access this library services such as renting movies.

7. Using crackle.com

Crackle allows its users to be able to watch both local and premium channels for free from any device. It offers unlimited content with few commercial breaks. Some of the premium channels that one can watch using crackle include HBO Now, Hulu, Netflix among others.

8. Using sling TV

Sling TV allows one to stream live their favorite shows on both local and premium channels. The lowest package costs $25 per month. The service provider offers a 30 day free trial to its new users. Sling TV is also contract-free and thus one can suspend watching the TV and no charges they will incur during the suspension period.

9. Using FuboTV

This service provider enables users to gain access to sports such as basketball, football, baseball, cricket among others in both local and premium channels for free. It offers over 70 sports channels. Some of these channels include Pac 12 network, hallmark channel, big ten sports network, BEIN sports network, fox sports network among others.

10. Using Amazon Prime Video

By subscribing to Amazon prime video one can get free TV shows and movies without any cable. Amazon prime video allows its users to rent movies for 72 hours. The subscription for Amazon prime video website is as low as $8.99 per month. Some of the premium channels that one can watch using Amazon prime video include hallmark movie now, Cinemax, Starz, history vault, HBO now, CBS all access among others.

11. Using DVR live TV using Tablo

DVR live TV allows one to be able to record their favorite shows in both local and premium channels to watch them later. one can record his/her show on more than six devices without any inconveniences.

Other ways that one can get free local and premium channels without cable include using websites such as Popcornflix which allows one to watch movies online. Snagfilms is also another website that people can use to watch their favorite movies, cinema classics online and classic television online are also other sites that one can get free local and premium channels.

It’s, therefore, possible for one to be able to get free cable TV either by using Comcast, HDTV antenna for watching free-over-the-air or by using on-demand streaming devices such as Roku. One is recommended to carry our research to see which free cable TV option is most suitable for them. Other service providers have also started offering their clients additional local and premium channels when they subscribe to their services, therefore, it’s good for one to do thorough research. Some of the service providers also offer some local channels and premiums as promotions therefore, one can also consult with their current service providers to check with they are offering promotional local and premium channels. This free cable TV helps in saving a lot of money that would otherwise be used in cable subscriptions.

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