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What is the Difference Between WiFi and Internet

Wi-Fi is now a common word to hear because we don’t pass a single day without the use of Wi-Fi. Now every house in the city even if in rural areas has a router that provides Wi-Fi facilities. But we use the internet to make sure we can complete our online works. So there is a lot to know about the difference between Wi-Fi and the internet. When we are living in a technological age with internet evolution, it is a really common thing that we don’t know Wi-Fi and its relation to the internet. Wi-Fi and internet are totally two different things and they have a different definition in terms of work and function. So we are giving a clear difference between Wi-Fi and the internet.

Difference Between WiFi and Internet


What is Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is most commonly known as a wireless communication system through which a standard communication is accomplished between a device and a shared methodology. In a day, wireless networking technology around the world is rapidly on the rise. Wi-Fi is really a big part of the wireless technology. Wi-Fi mainly functions with 802.11 as a standard system. This system works with a warless router or similar device to ensure hotspot for enabling Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi network is designed with computer connection warless with the help of a router which is linked with the internet with a modem. This system provides high-speed internet and covers large areas. More than 200 feet coverage is possible with the lowest power of Wi-Fi that ensures good transfer speed for 100 feet.

There is a different type of Wi-Fi system. In the big cities or hotels, there may be open Wi-Fi where any people under the coverage can connect with Wi-Fi without any password. This type of WiFi’s speed limit becomes much more to cover large people with heavy data usage. Another type of Wi-Fi is password protected and most of the people go for password-protected Wi-Fi when they use on personal purpose.

Now hotspot service is used as Wi-Fi which ensures high-speed internet. There are different internet service providers who provide internet and hotspot service that can be used Wi-Fi. This Wi-Fi can be shared with one more device. So, one you need to buy hotspot data to enable Wi-Fi and reduce the cost of Wi-Fi internet. Additionally, there are different cities where the hotspot is available to feed the needs of the people.

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Internet is the global system of interconnected computer networks that use IP which stands for internet protocol to make sure interconnection with devices. This network comprises private, public, academic, business and government networks which can be work in the same way with the help of internet.

Communication is solely linked with internet which includes hardware components and a system software layer. Mo re importantly, there are common methods of internet access like telephone, broadband over coaxial cable, fiber optics and Wi-Fi. The internet most often can be accessed with those networks.

This internet is not the same as the world wide web but it indicates a giant network of networks around the world. In the world, there are millions of computers and these can be connected easily with the help of the internet.  Surely, we have billions of web pages through which we can anchor and get connected with their community. Another example is email. It is one of the best popular forms of communication through which we can communicate in different ways like texting, sending files and documents and other business information.

How Wi-Fi and Internet work together

what is the difference between wifi and internet

Wi-Fi provides wireless access to make sure the internet with the help of local computer networks. In the same way, hotspot provides access which includes Wi-Fi café where the user needs to bring their own wireless devices like a laptop.

More importantly, you need to have a modem and pay for the internet and you can use Wi-Fi to enable your internet access. Wi-Fi is merely a way of getting the internet that can be used for different purposes.

Internet is an interconnected networking system that links with computers around the world. In this global online system, the internet plays an effective role in producing information and an effective gateway to establish relationships in every corner of the world. Wi-Fi works as a means of connecting with the world through a computer networking system. So, it is clear to us that both are interrelated and work simultaneously to make sure we are living in the online community. This community provides a massive connection with billions of people around the world.

Final Verdict

So we may often be misled that Wi-Fi is the internet but the internet is totally different things compared to Wi-Fi. This has no control over the people and there is the owner of the internet around the world. On the other hand, Wi-Fi has ownership because people buy a router and use the internet. They can also share their Wi-Fi facilities with other connections to make sure all can use the internet and stay connected with the world community.

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