What Channel is CNN on DirecTV?

Although a lot of people say that their amusement includes swimming and traveling, other people’s interest is that they love keeping up with ongoing affairs. The latter have subscriptions to all the well-known newsletters. They subscribe to the most striking news channels like CNN on DIRECTV as well. This helps them to stay informed concerning all that is happening around the world. Therefore, giving them various topics to discuss. You, too, can obtain some of the most informative news channels with AT&T plans. As long as you too take pleasure watching it.

Time has changed and so has the old saying. Being inquisitive does not cause any harm to anyone, nowadays. As a matter of fact, what it truly does is that it helps us stay aware of the latest in the present-day situations and all that’s going on in the globe around us. Curiosity can lead to great accomplishments for you. Occasionally, it can help you find out what may have steer to the black hole’s formation in space, while some other times it makes you pick up your remote control and skip to channel 202 on your DIRECTV. Whereas, at the end of the day, nothing inhibits a curious mind more than a solid news source.

Plus, when it is related to news, for Americans the news-based pay-TV channel CNN is Third in the cue of go-to networks – only behind FOX News and MSNBC – with 90.1 million subscriptions. The network is by no means limited to the U.S. CNN International is accessible for viewing in 212 countries worldwide too.

As in after it was being discovered in 1980, Ted Turner’s CNN transformed the news industry one way or the other – possibly more so as long as it was the first 24-hour all-news American channel. In spite of the review of its rather theatric content of news, which is thought to border on being exaggerated, and it’s considered an effort to come across as non-biased, the fact is CNN is a folks name in the U.S.

Critiques could object with how CNN came to attract a multitude of attention to everyday news but the ground actuality is that CNN did become audiences’ number one with its ‘Emergency Room’ method, attracting more and more people who would tune in and watch the breaking content of brand new news alerts. Thus, making the news industry on the course of mass popularity.

CNN on DIRECTV- Your Number News Channel

What Channel is CNN on Dire

CNN is among the most assigned and emphatic news channels. It has been delivering the world with the most current news for decades now. The Turner Broadcasting System (CNN’s parent organization) possesses other channels too. All of which are staunch to producing hot news even of the current sports events that may not be accessible on ESPN.

Here is a catalog of them all and the channel numbers you can search them on in various states

Channel Name Channel Number
CNN International 202
CNN Headline News 204
CNN en Espanol 419

DIRECTV-Entertainment and News on Your Big Screen

Once it comes to being in the lead of the game, DIRECTV from AT&T clearly has the sky as the farthest point. Standing on top of all contenders, rated as the best satellite TV service intermediary in the U.S., DIRECTV provides customers more than just a link to power up their TV sets. Including half a dozen properly stacked plans under its belt, DIRECTV offers a lengthy and various mix of channels for each person in the family. As long as you are a sports enthusiast or a headline-grabbing buff, with AT&T DIRECTV you can have all your televisual demands well-covered.

One of the best stuff about DIRECTV is its 4K UHD programming. You can watch your desired shows and more in the best picture quality. Along with, a 2-in-1 display feature, you can watch two various channels side by side. That means, no more battling over the remote control, while your much-expected golf match is on. Directly, if that doesn’t spell ‘comfort’ for you, little else would.

DIRECTV brings the most lengthy channel lineup that we affirm you would not find at any other place. From CNN, USA Network, Lifetime to ESPN, NFL and so much more, DIRECTV has every unique channel that American households want to view. Additionally, you can add more worth to your DIRECTV package by adding premium channels to the main subscription. We will be honest with you, DIRECTV’s premium channel lineup is crème de la crème! Including channels like HBO®, SHOWTIME®, STARZ®/ENCORE and Cinemax®, desirous movie-fanatics and TV series-bingers, everybody can have something to look up to every weekend! You even get the choice to subscribe to the Movies Extra Pack or you can add your favorite channels apart. Furthermore, as for the sports fanatics around the U.S. DIRECTV provides the Sports Pack with more than 35 regional and premium sports networks.

Each and every DIRECTV package comes with a distinct count of channels in a lineup that is carefully selected especially to provide to different consumer needs. We will update you about that too, but as we’re discussing precisely CNN today, let us take a look at the DIRECTV packages that provide CNN for subscription, and the channel number you can watch your preferred news network on.

Directv More Services:

Watch CNN Channel on DirecTV

CNN Channel Number on DirecTV:


Total No. of TV Channels                            155

Is CNN Accessible in this package?           Yes

Channel no.                                                  202


Total No. of TV Channels                             160

Is CNN Accessible in this package?           Yes

Channel no.                                                    202


Total No. of TV Channels                              185

Is CNN Accessible in this package?           Yes

Channel no.                                                   202


Total No. of TV Channels                             235

Is CNN Accessible in this package?           Yes

Channel no.                                                    202


Total No. of TV Channels                             250

Is CNN Accessible in this package?           Yes

Channel no.                                                    202


Total No. of TV Channels                              330

Is CNN Accessible in this package?           Yes

Channel no.                                                   202

Why Should You Select CNN on DirecTV?

In whatever place CNN is all about keeping you informed around the clock, with the latest update in the U.S. and around the world, DIRECTV is about making your televisual experience innovative and free of problems. Catch up on the most recent news in pure HD. And, if you do end up not catching up on a couple of shows due to your hectic habit Genie HD DVR has your back!

DIRECTV offers Genie, which is possibly one of the most exceptional HD DVR systems out there. Record your best liked TV shows so you can watch them at any time your routine allows. What makes Genie truly special is how comfortable it is. Not one or two, it allows you to record up to 5 shows at the same time! Not only this, based on your selections, Genie also suggests the latest shows, so you constantly have something new to view.

At this moment, all these countenances of DIRECTV from AT&T might have gotten you enticed to try out what more does the satellite TV service can offer for you. So, don’t be full of the doubt anymore, and subscribe to a DIRECTV package today. Just don’t be unmindful to explore DIRECTV Bundles before you do so. Therefore as you bundle your DIRECTV service with AT&T Internet and home phone, you can actually help yourself with huge discounts on all services.

CNN Headline News is on DIRECTV- National News at its Best

This channel controlled by the Turner Broadcasting System targeted to deliver Americans with national news. So, the TV audience who wishes to know what is going on in the States alone can tune into this channel. You will love it. Since it is not just a news channel. It is much more than that. You will view the news on this channel in the daytime. While during the night you will be able to savor some investigation and mysteries. Therefore, waking the Sherlock in you. Although, do not be fooled into assuming that the daytime news on CNN Headline News on DIRECTV is announced the normal way.

You will get to tune into some rather fascinating programs in the daytime that drop under the following orders:

  • National.
  • Regional.
  • Lifestyle.
  • Entertainment.

You can also subscribe to channels like CW or BET to feed your taste for entertainment with all the current shows that it offers.

Some fascinating Live News Shows

Although, the news and shows that HLN (formerly CNN headline news) offers are not any less captivating. What makes the news most fascinating is that all of the content is presented to the public strategy live. The fast-paced method of the experts hosting the shows keeps the individuals busy. Some of the most fascinating shows that you can be delighted watching comprises Morning Express with Robin Meade and On the Story. The mystery shows that you can appreciate watching at night include Forensic Files and Inside Evil. You can enjoy watching all the crime stories in HD quality if you possess a Smart TV. But this does not indicate that if you do not own one, you won’t enjoy the adventure.

Nevertheless, if you are not a person who enjoys news that much, you can also select other channels like CBS for yourself when you choose a plan.


CNN is an essential channel on TV. It is accessible on all the DIRECTV plans. CNN News Channel is your general solution to watch all the major current affairs in the world. You can even get live broadcasting of all the happenings around the globe at your flat screen conveniently.

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