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An enjoyable and unbeatable game highly depends on internet speed. As you are an avid online gamer, you may have trouble playing games or you may not adjust this speed to play smoothly. Speed is a really important issue for not just internet game but online streaming or other heavy internet works. When you are not getting the required level of speed, your mood is going to be so rough. It’s an issue to win or be defeated. Today’s online games are featured as playing with millions of people worldwide. So you want to fix this issue and you want to know a good internet speed for gaming. Luckily, we are covering where you can know the speed solution for your internet game.

Types of Internet Connection

The most important thing you should know is the speed you are getting from your internet service provider. Now that high-speed internet is everywhere because there are different types of internet connection which are Fiber optic, DSL, Satellite and Coaxial cable.

Whatever connection type you use, level of speed matter in different games. It means 1 Mbps speed may be enough for some games whereas 1 Mbps speed is not enabling the smooth operation of the game. Additionally, the games are embedded with the required level of speed to make you win in the game.

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What is Good Internet Speed for Gaming?

Internet Speed for Gaming

Every game is unique in its operation. When a game is more appealing and has a lot of functionality more speed may be required. So, we are explaining some game types according to their functionality and speed required.

Internet Speed for First Person Shooters Games

The first-person shooter is a popular type of game and a man armed with a shooter will seek the enemy and shot. There is a different feature of this game when it is played online. Most commonly this game be linked with other user and there is a competition to win. Additionally, this runs perfectly on good download speed and lower ping rate. So, the most popular game we find is Doom Eternal on Google Stadia.

This game perfectly operational and playable online with download speed from 30 Mbps. But upload speed 1 Mbps is enough to go on. Another issue is the ping rate and 16ms can be a better deal to be fast and forward to proceed with this game.

Internet Speed for Real-Time Strategy Games

Real-time strategy games are fighting game where the player chase the opponent. It is completely a movie game that drives to a specific issue. This game is time-based and the players available to defeat the opposite party. Additionally, the game is constantly evolving which can be played on a PC that is built for games and have a good download speed. This game is commonly known as Anno 1800 on Xbox 360.

So the issue is how this game can perform with an internet connection. When this issue comes, it is important to know the speed. So, download speed should minimum 3 Mbps which is good enough to go. On the other hand, upload speed may be a minimum of 0.5 Mbps. The ping rate can be 150ms or less.

Internet Speed for Role-Playing Games

The role-playing game is very interesting to online gamers. The online gamer’s first choice is to play this game. This game mainly signifies that one is in the fantasy world with a fictional character. There are different levels of the game that online gamers have to go to the last level. Xenoblade Chronicles on Nintendo Wii U is a commonly best-known game.

So, the internet issue is a considerable factor to play this game online. 1.5 download is speed is required and the upload speed is going to be 1 Mbps. The ping rate may be 150 ms.

Internet Speed for Massively Multiplayer online MMO games

This game is best known as online gamers. It is a game based on the fantasy world and Fictional character is most common to see. The game is played in not just in one pc but there are millions of users worldwide as role-playing. This game has no limit or level but there is a role-playing character to build a skill, experience and outsource. This game is fully online based and communication is important. So high bandwidth is surely required for Skype communication. So, this game is commonly known as Fortnite Battle royal on Xbox one.

The internet speed as required for this game is download speed is 3 Mbps. The upload speed is 0.5 which is enough to go on this game. The ping rate is 150 or less.

How Latency or Ping may affect your gaming experience?

It is a common thing to believe that you must know the speed required for the game and then you may start to play. But speed in terms of download or upload is not enough to think because there is another issue which is Ping. An ideal ping in terms of gaming should be under 20 ms (milliseconds).

Ping is a computer network administration software utility used to check the reachability of a host on an internet protocol network. It is a virtual sense that works on the operating systems and has networking capability with most embedded network administration.

There is another option of ping and it may be between 40 to 80 which is considered a great connection. But over 150 ping rates, this can be a bad experience while playing games online with the opponent party. Your chance of winning is less than others.

Your system works with ping which explains how fast the system can operate to satisfy you when you are giving input. Ping is a really important issue that affects your speed. this ping can be affected due to different factors such as type of connection you are using, server distance and host’s network.

How to Boost Internet Speed at Home

As you are going to play online games and it is important to make sure a high-speed internet. There are different ways to use high-speed internet indeed. What you need to focus on is boosting speeds and lower ping rates. In general, you can follow these few ways to make your online game more enjoyable and appalling.

1. Choose Wired Connection

Wired connection is faster and provides you with heavy speed. This type of connection is much more important and reliable to make sure you can play games online with satisfaction. This type of connection comes with an ethernet connection through an ethernet cord that provides the speed required for any type of online game.

2. Upgrade your Wi-Fi extender

When you are not playing games on PC but tablet or smartphone, you have to upgrade your Wi-Fi extender to make sure this can boost the signal range. Boosting signal range surely works best to provide high speed for online gaming. Additionally, you may stay close to the Wi-Fi router to get faster speed.

3. Reset Router

Sometimes it is often seen that a router may not work according to performance. It is commonly believed that the Wi-Fi router may be slow for long time use. It is possible to get optimal performance when the router is reset. More importantly, the connection may be slower and it is also important to check the connection and speed that you get from the internet service provider.

Additionally, you need to secure your Wi-Fi connection because you may experience lower speed because your Wi-Fi password may be shared with many users who may slow down the internet speed.

4. Adjust Game settings

There are some games that can enable you to adjust game settings. Surely this game setting will boost the internet speed and you are playing online games unbeatably. Some games may contain high-resolution pictures or crisp which really adds an excellent feature. But you just want to play games so you may reduce the resolution of those pictures that save your bandwidth indeed.

5. Choose the PC or Device according to games need

Gaming is really the most important issue in your life and you are an avid gamer. So, when you are new here and want to start gaming online, you first need to choose the PC or device that is well designed for the gaming purposes. Surely some PC are made to make sure this can get a heavy load of the online game. So, you need to choose these PC or devices in the appropriate way.

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FAQs about Internet Speed for Gaming

When you are suffering from speed pain, it is important to know ins and outs of the gaming speed. Even if you have a good connection type, but you can’t play smoothly. So, there are some answer to some question which are discussed below.

Q. Can internet speed affect online gaming?

Ans: Surely fast internet speeds mean fast reaction time. Smooth internet with faster speed must make you win and give you more pleasure. But it is not just about internet speed but the ping rate is another important issue that affects online gaming. So you need to make sure the lower ping rate to go faster in the gaming area.

Q. How do I check my ping?

Ans: There is a simple way to know your ping rate. So, you need to click cmd found in the search bar for programs. A black box with flashing cursor will come to you and it is the command prompt. After that, you have to type “ping” and press the space bar on the keyboard. In the same way, you have to type in the address you need to ping and then you press the enter key on your keyboard. Now you wait for some time to see your ping rate.

Q. What are the popular games online?

Ans: There is a different popular game online and the day after day games are coming with new features. This feature adds more enjoyment and it seems to be real-life even if you are in the fantasy world. But the games are popular are Minecraft, Roblox, League of Legends, Realm Royale, the world of warcraft and warlords, etc.

Final Verdict

Speed is a really important issue to consider but the ping rate is another component to make sure you get a better experience in gaming online. Now that you are avid gamers, you can speed up the gaming experience when you know how the speed and ping rate work simultaneously. In this article, you have already known some issues about the online gaming speed and you may study more so that your gaming experience may be more enjoyable and satisfactory.

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