Review of Hayward SP2607X10 Super Pool Pump

Who doesn’t enjoy swimming on a nice sunny day? It is one of the best ways to cool and relax oneself during, also a great way to yourself fit. The swimming pools are the major attraction of many clubs and hotels. People love to spend their weekends at such clubs and hotels, swimming and spending quality time with their loved ones.

Now the fun weekend will be ruined if the swimming pool pump used is not right, so it’s important to make sure the pump you are using is the best suited for your swimming pool. Hayward is the leading brand in the pool pump industry and its SP2607X10 Super Pump 1 HP Pool Pump, is one of the best medium head pumps available in the market. The features of SP2607X10 Super Pump makes it one better than its other competitors in the market.  Now let us have a look at what makes SP2607X10 Super Pump so special.

Hayward SP2607X10 Super Pump Review

  • The industry’s workhorse - recognized for reliability and performance
  • Exclusive swing-away hand knobs makes for easier strainer cover removal: no tools required, no loose parts and no clamps
  • See through strainer cover lets you see when basket needs cleaning and eliminates guess work
  • Features an oversized debris basket has extra leaf holding capacity for less frequent maintenance
  • The construction is corrosion resistant.
  • It provides high efficiency, meaning the pump output for a particular head size is quite impressive.
  • High-quality thermoplastics are used for their body.
  • Versatile, because the pump can be used with any-sized pool.
  • It is quite strong and durable, and the stable base and stress-free support allow easy installation of the pump.
  • It offers a compact design.
  • It is easy to use and install.
  • The pump comes with an air ventilation facility which is quite refreshing.
  • Cleaning the pump is an easy task.
  • A massive debris basket accompanies it.
  • It comes with a see-through strainer.
  • It is Cost-efficient.
  • The pump is heat resistant.
  • Sometimes it becomes noisy and is a cause of concern.
  • The company, Hayward doesn’t offer warranty and customer service if any non-certified seller
  • has installed the product.
  • One major drawback of this pump is that it comes with the only one-speed setting. You cannot adjust the speed of the pump, and it might affect the efficiency of the product.


The company itself claims that the Super Pump is the world’s best-selling medium head pool pump. Mostly, the medium head pumps are only used in swimming pools as they are cost-efficient as well as energy-efficient. They find use in primary pools with simple piping and lower head.

They have been designed for in-ground pools and spas of various sizes. They are designed with either no capacitor or only a start capacitor which gives it it’s low cost. It is widely recognized for its reliability and performance. It comes with exclusive swing-away hand knobs for easier removal of strainer cover.

It requires no tools, no loose parts, and not even any clamps. The debris basket is purposely, kept big to make it frequent-maintenance-free. Easily installed and offers 4-bolt access to internal components for better servicing.


Hayward SP2607X10 Super Pump Review

The pump comes with a power-packed wattage of 1HP but is also very efficient. The product’s dimensions are (29 x 10.2 x 11.5) inches. Thus, it is not as big and can compactly fit in the corner of your pool. The product weighs around 34.5 pounds or 15.6 kilograms. The pump comes along with a high-performance motor and also with air-flow ventilation for silence and more cooling functioning. As discussed earlier, the pump is accompanied by exclusive swing-away knobs for easier strainer cover removal. The see-through strainer cover helps the cleaner identify when to clean the basket and not guess when it might need cleaning.

Also, it comes with a 110-cubic-inch debris basket, thus, providing you more than sufficient capacity to store the waste and eliminate the frequent cleaning. It is self-priming, heat resistant and its ceramic seal is drip-proof. The mounting base gives it stable and stress-free support and makes the installation easy.


As discussed earlier, this pump can efficiently function in pools and spas of any sizes, be it small, medium or big. Although you should always calculate your requirements before installing the pump as the same task could be provided, with a pump of lower cost. It comes with a 1HP wattage rating, and thus, the performance can never be disheartening.

However, only, when you are not worried about the cost of power bills. But when you are, which everyone is, then the performance should be measured based on the power used for the amount of water pumped. And in that case, as well, this pump stands out.


Based on the usage statistics of this pump, the pump output is nice to see. The Super Pump pumps about 74 Gallons of water per minute (GPM) when the head is around 20 feet. The pump output reads approximately 65 GPM, 54 GPM, 40 GPM and 9 GPM for head capacities of 30 feet, 40 feet, 50 feet, and 60 feet respectively.

All in all, the efficiency and performance of the pump is pretty impressive.


The pump is easily installable and is corrosion-free. Since the pump is compact and comes with an air ventilation facility, it doesn’t create noise as well. Also, cleaning is effortless as it comes with an oversized debris basket which lets the cleaner clean the pump less frequently. Also, the see-through strainer cover helps to see if the basket needs cleaning or not.

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So, conclusively the pump is quite impressive and there is nothing major you could find in the pump which would make you not buy it. The low cost and high efficiency, which the pump provides is also a cherry on the cake. Also, the pump comes with various power-packed features which make it a great buy and an option worth it.

Easy installation and its durability also make up for the few minor setbacks which are not as concerning. So, all in all, the Super Pump is an excellent choice if you are planning to build a new swimming pool or thinking of replacing the old pump of your swimming pool.

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