The Ultimate Guide to Ozone Generator Rental

Having an Odorful house or car is the worst nightmare. You have to bear various types of odors in your house or cars such as pet odor, smoke odor, cooking odor, musty odor, food odor, and many more. To get rid of such bad smells, you use air fresheners, room fresheners, and car fresheners to spread fragrance in the odorful space. But it is a short-term solution. To get your house or car as a completely odor-free area, you have to invest in the best ozone generator rental. Such ozone generators remove any odor from the area by producing ozone. Ozone eliminates odors permanently by killing the source of odors from that affected area.

Odor removal time is based on the size of the affected area. Small areas can take short time but big areas like apartments, cars, schools, restaurants, etc. take a longer time.

How Does The Ozone Generator Rental Cost?

Ozone Generator Rental

Many Ozone generator rental brands sell their devices ranging from $55 to $200. The prices depend on the usage of the device. Some companies rate generators for $35 for daily use while other companies go for $55 for weekly usage or $146 for monthly usage.

Super Activo Ozone Generator Rental has come with two modes-activation cycle mode and the deactivation cycle mode. It can be used to eliminate odors, sewage, mold, and mildew.

With the compiled standard of FCC, CSA, and UL, the generator provides activation mode for 15 minutes to 50 hours. The deactivation cycle mode clears the ozone area after the completion of the ozone treatment.

It can be controlled by the digital keypad that comes with the display. The easy-to-roll generator consists of a large wheel. It can be used in places like banquet halls, hotels, large rooms with smoking areas, restaurants, and garbage storage areas.

The supercool ozone generator rental can be used for $35 as a daily treatment, $95 for a weekly treatment, and $265 for monthly usage.

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Types of Ozone Generators Rental

Ozone Generator Rental
Type of Ozone Generator Rental

There are two types of ozone generator rental. One comes with less ozone output and can be used for a longer time. The other one features higher ozone output which does an efficient job and makes a house or car a completely odor-free area.

How Does The Ozone Generator Work?

Ozone Generator Rental

Odors come from multiple sources and they can disturb you as well as other people who come in contact with that affected area. It can lead to a bad impression about your place be it your house or car.

Some people have allergies to room fresheners or fragrances. That’s why the odor generator comes as a helping device that can make any place odor-free and creates fresh air there as well.

Just close the affected area with the ozone machine. Turn the dial of the generator. The device creates ozone or O3 by using the electrical current. Ozone breaks down the odors from their sources and eliminates them.

Features of the Ozone Generator

  • Timer with Hold setting.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Easy to remove plates.
  • Heavy-duty metal construction.
  • Built-in cardholder.
  • Saves more energy.
  • Power indicator light.
  • Ceramic plates.
  • Control settings for ozone output.
  • Grounded fuse.
  • Grounded power cord.
  • Easy to operate

How to Use the Ozone Generator?

  1. Plug the machine in.
  2. Dial the ozone output dial by selecting the ozone output settings like high or low.
  3. Turn on the timer to the required treatment time.
  4. Leave that area immediately.

The ozone generator/ machine reduces all types of odors from houses/cars and brings clean, fresh, and safe air.

Various well-known ozone industries sell high-standard ozone generators. Some devices come with advanced technologies and portability.

Here is a high-quality generator from OdorFree Store:

OdorFree Estate 4000 Ozone Generator

Ozone Generator Rental

The highly effective generator comprises shock treatment which attacks odors with ozone filling. It directly attacks the source of odors.

You can set the timer up to 12 hours as per the size of the area and type of odor. If you want the treatment for a longer time, you can dial the timer to the ‘hold’ mode.

You can use it for large houses and offices up to 4000 sq. ft. Also, it is helpful in townhouses and commercial places like restaurants, Gyms, Nursing homes, hotels, motels, and bars. The premium Ozone generator can be used for cars, buses, boats, cruises, and yachts.

The ozone generator comes from the reputed Ozone industry ‘OdorFree Store’ which has been providing high-quality ozone generators for 20 years.

The generator can reduce odors such as pet odor, cigarette odor, chemical odor, fire damage, cooking odor, musty odors, paint odors, water damage, and fragrances.

You have to vacate the entire area during this treatment and wait for two hours after the finished treatment before returning to the area.


  • Suitable for large houses, townhouses, and offices up to 4000 sq. ft.
  • Can set the timer up to 12 hours.
  • Can turn the timer dial to the ‘hold’ mode for the long time treatment.
  • Dial setting for required ozone output.
  • Plates and filter are easy to clean
  • Useful for commercial places like restaurants, Gyms, Nursing homes, hotels, motels, and bars.
  • Reduces odors by attacking their source
  • Can remove odors like pet odor, cigarette odor, chemical odor, fire damage, cooking odor, musty odors, paint odors, water damage, and fragrances.

Why Do You Buy An Ozone Generator Rental?

While you can buy the Ozone generator at an affordable price for your house as it is a cheaper device. However rental apartments and commercial properties like hospitals, gyms, hotels, restaurants, funeral homes, motels, clubs, and large offices prefer the ozone generator rental. Because they know the effectiveness of the ozone generator as they remove all types of odors by attacking their source completely. They can eliminate odors like pet odors, cigarette odors, food odors, musty odors, and chemical odors. They can attack hard to remove and stubborn odors too.

Some people prefer the ozone generator for car rental. Though the ozone can kill hard to remove odors like pet odors, cigarette odors, food odors, and many more, such odors can return sometime after sitting every new guest in the car.

Also, if large places remained wet for a long time, chances are high of some odors returning over time.  There is a constant flow of people in commercial places like hospitals, restaurants, funeral homes, motels, and clubs, so the staff of such places always have to clean the area to maintain a good image in front of the customers. That’s why commercial places prefer ozone generator rental.


You can get rid of multiple odors and molds and enjoy a fresh fragrance with the high standard O3 or Ozone machine or ozone generator rental. Though the Ozone machine is expensive and can’t fit your budget, you can rent an ozone generator rental with a minimum cost from any reputed ozone generator rental company.

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